What I Wore: At Musee Mecanique

Thursday, August 2, 2012


Don't tell me that there's not a thrill when you break open your fortune cookie, even if you know that's never what your lucky numbers will be. Or that you don't find old masks, doorknobs and other curiosity shop finds fascinating.  We both know that it'd be a lie.

Its also why you would have found San Francisco's Le Musee Mechanique- home of old coin machines, fortunetellers and curious creations of the past- as much fun as we did. Its free to get into and for a quarter a machine, you can have hours of the past times' pastimes (And no, that pun was not resistible.) We watched silent films like the did in penny arcades, tried our the Kiss'O'Meter (Hot Stuff, by the by), and I got my fortunes told at least six times.

Though it was a long jaunt from Fisherman's Wharf, where Le Musee Mechanique is, to the Mission, we headed up to Club Verdi later that night for some fun swing! Every Tuesday you can go there and expect to hear live bands blowing their horns, hep cats dressed up, and some real jitterbugs dancing the night away. It was a little intimidating at first- everyone else was dancing a completely different type of swing (we think they were doing West Coast Swing while we only know Single Lindy)- but an absolute blast. And yeah, so glad I packed my petticoat, even if it did take up more room. We fit right in to that cool cat scene!


  1. Your skirt is so pretty!

    I love breaking open fortune cookies. No matter what they say.

  2. Such fun pictures!! Love your skirt too :)


    Britt+ Whit

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  4. Aww hahaha, you look so pretty! The place is so antique and unique too c:

  5. Followed your blog! Such a lovely outfit! The skirt really reminds me of the 50's and such! I'm especially loving the print <3

    And the photos are so whimsical and fun! All in all, this is a really cute outfit x.

    Follow me back? :)


  6. I am in love with you, wowowoow!

  7. Oh my gosh, that SKIRT! It's amazing. And it looks brilliant with the yellow sweater. These photos are too much fun! Also, it was totally worth it to pack your petticoat. :)

  8. Love the retro style!!!


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