What I Wore: Beehive and Boho

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Beehive+ Boho Outfit collage 1Beehive+Boho outfit full bodybeehive+boho outfit collage 2

What I Wore: Cami (Forever 21); Shirt (borrowed/Primark); shoes (c/o Rockport,won in a contest); Necklaces (1 a gift, the other from Questhaven); shorts (Old Navy); Headscarf (PodMod)

We took these photos much earlier than has been usual this summer because a fire has made the sky unusually hazy. We figured it was a case of now-or-never for photos, since the further the sun was sinking the pinker/oranger the light. Rather a relief not to have to wait till eight or eight thirty, and we go back in time to put some steaks on the grill and enjoy eating outdoors. 

What you see above is my very first attempt at a beehive hairdo! It was, um a liiittle messy. Still looked neat (no pun intended), but messy. Hence the headscarf. As for the outfit itself, quite a bit came to me from other people. This fun shirt is actually my sister's, who is moving soon, so its likely the only appearance it will make on this blog. Not only is it hers, but she got it while studying abroad; they are unlikely to sell these kind of shirts around my neck of the woods. Too unusual. The shoes were won in a giveaway, and necklace was given to me, along with a whole box of other costume jewelry, by a co-worker one day. I don't usually wear costume jewelry that much, but talk about generous. And this necklace is rather fun and vintage-y, isn't it? Sometimes infusing your wardrobe with another's tastes can really bring out the unexpected in your style, I think. 


  1. lovely post and outfit!

    from helen at www.thelovecatsinc.com // @thelovecatsinc

  2. Cute pumps..



  3. I love all the touches of yellow in your outfit! What book is that if you dont mind me asking?

    1. It says its the Wizard of Oz (I am a HUGE Oz fan), but it is actually a blank book. On the side it says it is an ideabook for a wizard's thoughts, plans etc.

      Thanks by the way!

  4. How amazing are those shoes? Cool top and I like that you brought out one color from it to exaggerate with your accessories! Perfect way to do it! :)


  5. Cute! Love the headband and your flats.


  6. what an adorable outfit! love that color

  7. Great outfit, the location matches perfectly!!

  8. Such a fun outfit :) I sometimes take a peek in my sisters wardrobe too because we have the same size, eventhough she's 4 years younger! xo Nikki

  9. You look great, hun. I adore your captoe flats. :)

    Hope you're doing fabulously!! Come swing by to enter my Alainn Bella giveaway!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  10. beautiful post, love the top! love the farm road and the smoke haze sky!

  11. amazing pics, outfit and hair, love it x

  12. Such cute shoes!! Love the yellow accents in your outfit too!
    ~L&W from www.thedoubletakegirls.com

  13. I really love this outfit, with all the beautiful colors. I especially love the top!


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