What I Wore: For the Rugged Road

Thursday, September 13, 2012


What I Wore: Sweater (FF21; old), skirt (Zara;old), Belt (Ruche), pearl necklace (Local seller), Golden Necklace (Stitched and Adorned), Hat (thrifted from the Red Light in Portland), red shoes (Famous Footwear)

These photos are a metaphor. Well, they are photos too (Thank you, Boy for taking them!), but also a metaphor, and though I realize that it is Thursday and maybe its late in the week for deep thoughts when all you're really waiting for is Friday- But.

At the time of shooting them, we were just hoping something came out. The light wasn't working out, everything was a far steeper climb than it had looked from the road and these small, prickly cacti were hidden everywhere. I only got stuck once, but poor Max the Dog could hardly move. At least he learned quickly- he got stuck with a needle in the paw, and then wanted nowhere near the things....which was hard since they were everywhere (his solution was to step literally on our feet whenever possible!) But the results ended up being some of my favorite shots in a while. A very autumn-adventure for September.

I'm going to remember this now that I've Quit My Day Job and am doing the far less regular work of Substitute teaching.

Happy Thursday to you!


  1. beautiful! love the hat and the cute pup!

  2. These photos are lovely + your skirt & sweater combo are so pretty! Very autumn-esque! I absolutely love it. Hope your Thursday is a fabulous one!! xo V

  3. Love that mustard sweater!

    xo Jennifer


  4. Your flats are so pretty!<3

  5. These came out beautifully! The colors are so autumnal and your pup is adorable! I love when you are happily surprised with the photos, I HATE it when you think you got good ones and the opposite happens! Happy Thursday to you!
    xo Hannah

  6. I'd love you to be my sub sometime! Love the colors together---the sweater is a great color on you and love the shoes! Adorbs little doggie too :-)

  7. Girl, these photos are beautiful. You look stunning and straight off of the pages of the magazines. These colors work so well with the setting and the hat & glasses pulls the entire look together. This is one of the best looks from you!

  8. These are great pictures! Love your hat!

  9. Seriously, this is one of my favorite posts of yours. I'm so glad it worked out because these look stunning! It doesn't hurt that everything about this outfit is flawless. The color of the sweater looks amazing on you, the skirt is the perfect style, and all of the accessories are flawless. This is all just so good!

  10. The photos are REALLY amazing! The setting is gorgeous. Isn't it crazy how some of the best shots turn out when you think you aren't getting anything good? And my favorite is the one of you carrying the sweet pup!

  11. These pictures are gorgeous! You have such an amazing sense of style. This look is stunning!

    xoxo, Meera

  12. Such beautiful scenery! Love the mustard and olive green together - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  13. beautiful location! your outfit blends right in! your dog looks like one of my doggies! so cute!!


  14. I love the color of your top! Pretty background too!


  15. Great shots! I really like your skirt!


  16. ooh, just noticed how these are linked to flick! Super easy for favs!

  17. Lovely blog! x

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  19. Pretty outfit :)

    x Eline - www.onhighheels.be

  20. these photos are fantastic, glad they were a happy surprise and ended up worth it! And hope your adorable pups didn't get long-term damage from that cacti! haha I know what that can be like first hand after falling into a huge bunch as a child. Anyway, I also adore the colors you wore here and that hat just "tops" it off ; )


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