What I Wore: Playing Dress-up

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


What I Wore: Shirt (Elana via Flock Together), Vest (Old), Pencil Skirt (Old), Tights (Target), Shoes (Old Navy), Hat (gift)

Another Flock Together swap! This red and polka-dot shirt is borrowed from Elana of Room 334. Fellow swappers (Flockers? Flock-together-ers? Togetherians? I dunno. We'll get back to you on that.), please tell me I'm not the only one who plays dress-up like she's seven instead of twenty-seven when a new Flock Together package arrives at her door?

Just me? Alright then.

What became clear in my flurry of playing dress-up though ,was the need to accentuate the retro-vibe this shirt has. A hat, vest, and pencil skirt later, and- Viola! An outfit ready for adventure.


  1. Your style is so unique, I always enjoy you outfit posts!!! Great location for the shoot!!!

  2. cute tights :)

    xo Jennifer


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  4. love your vest and the hat! xoRachel

  5. Snazzy is the only way to describe this outfit!

  6. Super cool! And I love that location too :)

    You make me realize how bad I need a hat...

    Virginie xo

  7. I'm dying over those tights! I love them so much! I also adore the way you styled Elana's shirt. Super cute!



    Southern (California) Belle

  8. I totally play dress up! Its secretly why I LOVE blogging so much! And of course swapping! I love how you wore this top, especially loving the tights! And you always have the best locations for photos!

  9. Girl, you are NOT the only one! That's the first thing I do-run to my closet and try about 20 combinations throwing clothes all over! So much fun. I love how this outfit came together-the tights and pencil skirt make this so sassy secretary! Lovely, lady :)

  10. Ok hands down, coolest location ever! I love Elana's blouse on you. You've really styled it so cleverly - very sassy secretary as Katie said.

    Oh yes, I so do the same thing!! I can get out of control with it, I do admit :)

  11. love these shots Kristian! this outfit and the red rail car, awesome!!!!

  12. This location is awesome. Your tights are cool and make your skirt pop. Also ADORABLE hat.

  13. Great outfit and beautiful photos !

  14. That is like the perfect simple pencil skirt! the fit is perfect on you & I love all the little details. totally love what you did w/ that vest & the blouse too, I have two vests in my closet I haven't worn for years but now I have to try to copy this look- will be SO perfect for work! well, except i dont have those awesome tights, gah you're too cute! and love yoru photo shoot on the train, so cute!

  15. The ocation of this shoot is amazing! How I wish there was an old train station near my place :) i'm also loving the outfit you created with the swapped top, especially the tights caught my attention. They're fabulous! x

  16. Okay, I'm way behind on everyone's blog. First, you are definitely not the only one who likes to play dress up with the swaps! I try them on as soon as they come in. I just want to keep everything!

    Second, I absolutely adore how you styled this top. So unique! I agree with Katie and Marisa about the sassy secretary comment ;) The pop of red looks great in this.

    Third, I also agree about this location being incredible.

    Lastly, I'm thinking Flockers. It's clever!

  17. aw, the swapping sounds so fun! everything about these photos is neat- love the stockings, style, and the railcar.


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