Gift Guide: Last Minute Stocking Stuffers

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

With Christmas around the corner, gifting-giving and merriment are too. Over the past few weeks, Never Fully Dressed has been hosting several great guest posters who are here to share some gift guides for the loved ones in your life. This week Rachel of Flower Prints and Common Sense shows us some homemade "Last Minute" gifts to give. 

Hello everyone!

I'm Rachel of Floral Prints and Common Sense, here to do my first guest post ever for Kristian! She asked me to do a post on last minute stocking stuffers. As a lover of all things homemade, that's kind of my specialty when it comes to gift giving. So here's some ideas for you that won't seem "last minute" at all!

1. Homemade Fudge
Fudge is a great last minute gift, because everybody loves it! I mean, it's chocolate. Even if they know you forgot to get them a present, they won't care because it's chocolate. You can get a great recipe off the back of a marshmallow creme container.

2. Handmade Jewelry
If you're like me and have this sort of stuff lying around, a quick necklace or bracelet can make a great gift. No need to get fancy, just string a bead or two on a chain and POOF. Instant present.

3. Nail Polish
This one just requires a trip to the drug store. It makes for a cute, quick gift. Pair it with some hand lotion and people will be fooled into thinking you're thoughtful or something.

4. Funky Socks

Like any gag gift, silly socks are easy for you, and they make people smile. Isn't that what Christmas is about?

Happy holidays, and happy stocking stuffing!
Thanks for letting me guest blog, Kristian!
You guys can find my personal style and diys over at Floral Prints and Common Sense!


  1. one of my favorite places to get socks:

    there's a couple other places (myfunkysocks and sockittomesocks) but i usually start at Joy of Socks :)

    Couple other ideas - Homemade lotions and bodybutters and lip balms. I have recipes! :)

  2. Ha! Some good ideas here. I really like your writing style :)
    < New follower!

  3. Great ideas! Stocking stuffers are always the most difficult to buy I think. I love that cute necklace.

  4. Funky socks are the best (though, I did not think so when I was little, I was so mad when I got socks!) I need to learn how to make homemade fudge!

  5. I wear funky socks everyday to work! I think that's the cutest small gift :)



    Southern (California) Belle

  6. Cute ideas Rachel! I love essie so that would def make me happy :) and those socks are super cute!

  7. I love getting fun socks in my stocking :) (I'm such a kid at heart...hehe) Cute gift guide Kristian! I love the idea of homemade fudge. xo Marisa

  8. Thanks for the ideas also makes great party favors and event gifts.


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