In November, Why Don't You...?

Monday, November 4, 2013

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Put together an emergency kit for winter driving in your car

Take an e-course

Try a new type of tea

Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade

Hang a style gallery on your wall

Learn a new card game

Buy a pair of exquisite gloves

Write down three things you're thankful for every day

Find and read a comic you loved as a kid (Were you more a Betty and Veronica fan, into superheroes, or on adventures with Tintin?)

Postmark your holiday cards with some vintage stamps


  1. Tintin! Tintin! Tintin! Might need to re-read The Castafiore Emerald.

    Hanging up a style gallery and trying new teas are great ideas.- I think I'll try them!

    1. Oh my family are all such big Tintin fans! My favorite might be the Destination Moon one, and my sister's is Tintin and Picaros! :)

      What teas do you usually drink btw? Or do you usually drink tea?

    2. I usually drink some blend of black tea. Darjeeling is my favorite. What's your tea of choice?

      I love Destination Moon, but Tintin and the Picaros always made me sad. It's wonderful that your whole family loves Tintin - no one loves comics of any kind in my family. Go figure. :-)

    3. My dad had read Tintin as a kid and recorded the animated series so we rewatched them a lot as kids before reading the longer comic books. Makes a nice thing to bond with my dad with indeed :)

      I usually drink black tea too- most often Earl Grey. I like peppermint too and David Sio's Apple Tea.

  2. Absolutely love this. I'm in the midst of finding something new to hang over our new couch! I want a vintage Union Jack British flag and will hunt it down!!

    I also want to say thank you SO much for being such a loyal commenter on my blog Kristian, I apologize I havent been able to comment back as much recently because of my 8 million jobs. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

    1. I'm really excited to see how that looks. I think flags as decor can look really neat.

      And you're welcome. I really enjoy your blog, so :)

  3. Hey! I was actually going to learn how to play poker later this week, haha! And I should totally but a few blancket in our car just to be sure... Thanks for the reminder :D xo

  4. I love when you do these posts...always so many good ideas! I actually did try a new type of tea in this little antique tea house on Saturday. It was wonderful :-). PS...Loved Betty and Veronica!!!

    1. How fun to go to a tea house.

      So tell me- are you more of a Betty girl or a Veronica (or if you are like me and think both can do better than Archie!)

  5. I'm a total Betty and Veronica girl! It's funny that you mentioned it because I saw one at our grocery store the other day and almost bought it. But then the $4 price tag stopped me haha I don't remember it being so steep back in the day ;) And I love the glove idea- I kind of want to start wearing them with my dresses!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  6. Two of these really caught my eye. First, I adore vintage gloves so I have been trying to find another pair for winter lately! I found this fluted red pair of 1940's gloves at my friend's vintage shop but she sold them ahhhh.
    Also, I adored Archie comics! I agree with Marlen though they are super spendy now. My sister and I have a huge box of them we collected as kids :)

    1. Good luck on the glove hunt!

      PS Are you more of a Veronica or Betty fan?


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