In December, Why Don't You...?

Monday, December 2, 2013

On the lake, tuxedo (LOC)

Photo from the Library of Congress

Attend a  vespers concert

Hang a garland

Have breakfast in bed

Roast some chestnuts for a healthier holiday treat

Go iceskating

Make a glitter house

Learn to make a Tom and Jerry's

Research your family tree

Prepare a dinner for a sick friend or new parents you might know

Drink hot cocoa with abandon


  1. I have no idea what a glitter house is, but that does make me want to make a gingerbread house this year!

    1. Oh a gingerbread house sounds fun!

      btw, a glitter house is a tiny house made of cardboard and often painted with glitter (

  2. I had never heard of a Tom and Jerry but after looking it up, I accept your challenge! Sounds yum :)

  3. Oh man, I tried ice skating for the first and last time ever last winter. It was the most frightening experience ever!!!

    1. Oh no! I've always enjoyed it, but grew up skating. I imagine that the first time out it can be pretty intimidating!


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