Monday, March 10, 2014

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READING: Two books and listening to a third. Pirate King and Why Kings Confess are both historical mysteries. One's a real book to take into the tub and one's on Kindle. Still not sure how I feel about Kindle since, as a computer lab manager, I stare at screens for much of the day anyway, but...

The last book is on audio. Into Africa recounts the tale that ended in one of history's most famous lines: "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?" Audio books have become an addiction. Usually gotten from the library (because audio books are expensive!), I almost always go for nonfiction. It's funny, I love nonfiction, but reading often find it hard to get more than a few pages. But listening? Well, I'm a strongly auditory learner, so I guess it makes sense. The library has a limited collection, which presents a challenge but also means I'm far more likely to consider a book that might not have gotten a second glance otherwise too.

By the way, did you know that March is National Reading Month? Check out more good recommendations from Jessica of Midwest Muse.

LISTENING: To the iTunes playlist from our reception, which is filled with a lot of doo wop, and swing, and rock and roll (you can hear it here). My Joan Beaz station on Pandora is also getting  a lot of play time. Think Paul Simon, Mary Carpenterm and Leonard Cohen type of music.

THINKING: My ten year reunion coming up (Am I really that old already? I guess so). Whether in person or on Facebook, it has been generating some interesting conversations. There is excitement- something I never thought a lot of my friends would ever express about coming back to Powell after finally getting out- But time changes everyone, and most people seem pretty excited about seeing one another again, seeing what changes have wrought. By the same token though, this also gets one to think. Is this where I saw myself? And where do I see myself going on from here? The struggle to find a satisfying job (or even any job) is one I've seen play out for a lot of people, and that is really frustrating, feeling one has fallen short.

In high school, I saw college and marriage and a family- but in a Game of Life sort of way. It was just a faceless blue peg in the the car with you, and now, that is a person. It is Amos. And whether it is struggles or joys, all those vague ideas of what was to come now have very specific attributes to be faced, to be enjoyed. And it has been a different journey for all 118 of us who will be coming back.

So it's it is important, I have to remind myself, to remember it is not The Game of Life. Because you don't just draw a card and that's your life-time job, your life-time home, your life-time salary. It is not a case of the Ten Year Reunion marking a time to show off that your life is All Fabulously Together (like it seems in the chick flicks). We are in constant reinvention. I audited an entrepreneurial course last fall, and while there were 18 year old girls in it, there were also 40 year olds coming to start new businesses. You grow where you are planted. Sometimes the wind will cause you grow bent, or up, or branching out. But you can always grow in a different, new way. You can always sow new seeds.

PLANNING: Lessons for elementary students to make webpages. Don't get too impressed; it's just Google Sites, but they (and I!) have to start somewhere.


  1. I used to get audio books from the library all the time when I worked as a data analyst and could just listen all day! You're making me want to run over to the library right now, but I am already in the middle of at least 3 books!

  2. I've never listened to an audio book. I'm not sure why really, just haven't. I'm currently reading fiction, which I usually don't. After four years of intense academic reading, I've been enjoying books like At least You're In Tuscany and Kirstie Clement's Tongue in Chic. This year I've also read a lot of books by Lily Brett and like you, I usually have many going at the same time :)

  3. I had my ten year two years ago but I decided not to attend. I feel like with Facebook and the fact I've never lived too far from my hometown I just didn't have any interest. I did go to my husband's reunion though. It was very interesting! I hope you guys have a wonderful time, I'm sure it will be exciting to go back and chat with old friends!

  4. This post almost made me tear up...I remember all of our afternoons spent playing "Life," our hopes and dreams. At least, both of our dreams keep evolving with us whether we immediately realize it or not! <3

  5. i love:
    "You grow where you are planted. Sometimes the wind will cause you grow bent, or up, or branching out. But you can always grow in a different, new way. You can always sow new seeds."

    such beautiful words kristian! it's interesting, i never imagined myself married by my 10 yr reunion, but also i never imagined it much now that you got me thinking. i'll have my 10 yr reunion next year I guess, mostly i think about what i'll wear to it already and how ridiculous it is that i think that. of course i'm also really excited to see people i really liked but lost touch with, although actually who knows if i'll even go since we'll be living in Austin. anyway, i'd love to hear those silly details like what you wear to it & what the actual reunion entails if that's something you're interested in posting about later of course : ). & i sorta forgot about audio books, i should start listening to those again while i work on my vintage shop. do you have any recs? i will also prob look at my local library.

  6. Stephen did most of his grad school books on audio; he thought it was only bearable that way! I prefer printed non-fiction since I like to write notes in corners and dog ear pages. (Though I guess you can do things like that on Kindles, but I haven't tried it out.)
    Excellent reunion review... that resonates with me a lot.

    1. Not sure how I'd like school books on audio. I did highlight and do notes, though in retrospect, I think it is partly something to do with my hands while listening. I've found if I'm really wanting to pay attention, I don't look at the speaker and often am doing something with my hands (like doodling, something not important).

      Kindle is nice for highlighitng etc. I'd be curious to see what you think of the note taking feature!

  7. Your "thinking" part was really moving- I loved how you described it to the Game of Life (especially with the little blue peg, haha!) I also like the point of "constant reinvention"- sometimes it's so easy to stress out about how you're not in the place you'd like to be in. But life is all about growing and evolving, just like you said. This post made me very happy and hopeful :) (which is nice to bump into on a Wednesday)

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

    1. I'm glad it resonated with you. I've been very impressed at your bravery with quitting a job you hating and taking your store and now writing to the next level!

  8. I think I would love an audio book. I need to try one.

    10 year reunions always make one reflect on their life choices. It is so true that we are in constant change and flux. That is what makes life interesting after all.

    I can remember feeling slightly stressed and excited about my 10 year reunion...(oh so many years ago now!). My husband was studying in France getting his Master's in Law and therefore wouldn't be able to attend with me. I was worried people might think I'd made the whole thing up! LOL Plus it was awkward because I had to see an old flame that I had hurt very badly. In the end I was so happy I went. I got to catch up with old friends and just had a good time. Just remember...everyone is feeling the same way about their lives.


    1. That is very true, everyone is feeling the same. Thank you Suzanne for that reminder.


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