(Last Minute) Mother's Day Gift Guide

Monday, May 5, 2014

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1 Pinrose Scent Gift Set | 2. Recipe Box | 3. The Art of Cheese Making book | 4. Stitch Fix | 5. Gardening Stool | 6. Patricia Wexler Skin Care Products

Yikes! Have you seen a calendar? Mother's day is this Sunday? If you're anything like me, this is a surprise. While trying to plan out a menu for mom or wrangle a reservation, why not pamper her with a little gift? It's not too late! All of these gift ideas can be yours; some may require a little fast shipping will be in order, or they may be as simple as printing a gift card, but she's be sure to love these. 

Pinrose Scent Gift Set  - This unique perfume company creates scents that change over time! Each scent (and scent-within-a-scent) is complex and subtle. To add to the novelty, their mother's day gift scent will mail your mother not only a gift card, but a sample of all of their perfumes and a notebook to write what she thinks of each one. That way, she can try them all and then choose which she likes best! If you have a mom who loves getting mail or trying new things, this might be a perfect fit.

2. Recipe Box- I saw this and instantly thought of a lovely lady I know who fed a table of six or seven on a regular basis for years. This whimsically decorated box would make cooking even more of a pleasure for the mother who is a gourmand.

 3. The Art of Cheese Making book- My mother loves to make things- soups, sewing projects, cheese, wine, mushrooms- you name it. If there's a woman in your life who has a passion for hobbies, why not enrich that passion with a book on the subject?

 4. Stitch Fix - You may have guessed I like subscription boxes, but not that my entire family does too! My mother's tried Stitch Fix several times with great success (arguably with even better success than me. All her stuff from them is so cute!) They do gift cards, which make for quick and easy gifts. Or, if clothes are not your mom's thing, why not try one of these other subscription boxes?

5. Gardening Stool- With spring in bloom, now's the perfect time to aid your mother's garden. This handy tool works both as a tool kit bag and as a place to sit. Save mom from aching backs when she's pulling weeds with this!

 6. Patricia Wexler Skin Care Products- My mother swears by Patricia Wexler, and, really, is there anything more luxurious feeling than well cared for skin?


  1. It wasn't until one of my dad's co-workers asked me to draw a portrait of his daughters for mother's day that I realized mother's day was this Sunday. Like whut. That cheese book looks like a rad gift.

    1. Oh, a portrait of the kids would be a sweet mother's day gift! Did you take on that commission?

  2. Eep! I know Mother's Day came as a surprise to me as well, this year is flying by for some reason! These are all really great ideas, Kristian! Interesting picks that I would never have thought of before. The gardening stool is wonderful! What a handy item.

    1. I end up basing most of my gift choices on my own mother (or occasionally other mothers I know), so I always wonder if anyone else finds these useful. Glad you enjoy them :)

  3. I'm in desperate need for some inspiration for a good gift for my mom, so thanks for the help! That recipe box is SO cute, and I'm really considering getting it for my mom :)

  4. What great ideas! Mother's day was last Sunday in Portugal but I'm pinning some of these for future reference - not just for mum! I love making cheese and that book is going straight into my wishlist!


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