Month: November 2018

Nov 30

Risk Factors That Increase The Risk Of Tooth Loss

The¬†Family Dentistry of South Florida¬†agrees that although dental problems can happen for a variety of different reasons, many of them occur because we neglect our teeth and don’t give routine dental care the attention it deserves. Lapses in oral hygiene and other basic tooth care responsibilities can cause a range of serious issues, including gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth loss. The last of these is especially serious and also remarkably preventable.

Here are eight common factors which can increase your vulnerability to tooth loss:

* Tooth loss becomes more likely once you pass 35 years of age.
* Tooth loss is more common in men than women.
* The longer it has been since you have been treated by a dentist, the more likely tooth loss becomes.
* Smoking or using other tobacco process increases the risk of tooth loss.
* Diabetes is a risk factor for … Read more