The Best CBD Vape Oil For Quitting Cigarettes


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For anybody that’s made a nasty habit out of smoking cigarettes, the following story will be all too familiar. It all starts with one cigarette at a party when you’re drunk enough to actually try one. Or maybe you’re taking a break from all the pot smoke, so you decide to try smoking a cigarette or two with some friends, to help you resit hitting the joints being passed around. It eventually becomes a smoke every week or two at parties and outings, and next you start to have one every now and again on your break at work. Then comes the daily habit of having one or two little cigarettes every day, just because you feel like it, “not because you’re craving it” right? When that fateful moment arrives where you finally cave and buy your first ever pack, you feel ashamed, yet you take advantage of this seemingly huge supply of “daily” smokes. By the time you’re done the pack, you finally resolve to quit this habit, and so begins the cycle. We all know that cycle, but let me recommend to you what I consider to be the best cbd vape oil that stands a chance to make a difference.

  Koi CBD Vape Oil

When it comes to nicotine e-liquids, you have to be very picky with what you buy tobe sure that there aren’t almost as many carcinogens as in a cigarette. While Koi might not be the absolute best CBD vape oil on the market, it sure as hell is the best for the purpose of quitting cigarettes. That’s because, first of all, it’s entirely hemp sourced, so there’s no THC whatsoever in it or anything else that could get you high. This means it’s able to be sold legally in most parts of the world. The lack of THC is no problem either because A) CBD is known to intervene with addictive behaviors and thought patterns and B) THC is not, and could easily be abused if you simply replace the habit of cigarette smoking with constantly vaping e-liquids that contain THC in them. Smoking is so difficult to quit for so many people because the habit of physically performing the act of smoking is as hard to break as the addiction to nicotine, so replacing it by vaping CBD in a third party lab tested certified harmless e-liquid is a pretty decent way to go about it, since CBD is actually good for your overall health unlike nicotine.