Channelling Annie Hall

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

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I'll admit it- I do have my issues with Woody Allen's "nervous romance," Annie Hall . It seems to send a message that women change/make themselves over for a man, in his image. With the possible exception of My Fair Lady , this does not seem romantic to me. Grow with a person= yes; become their clone= no. However, the film has its good points too. Inventive storytelling, great cinematography and, most pertinent to this post, Diane Keaton and her fabulous sense of fashion! So here I am "channeling" my inner Annie Hall. Its not really menswear, but with a little help from the vest-and-hat combo...Well, I can pretend, right?

What I wore: Hat: vintage, skirt: H&M, shoes: Famous footwear, shirt: Target, necklaces: Deb's and American Eagle, Coat: ASOS, scarf: Target


  1. Looove this look! perfect mix of feminine in w/ the masculine touches & such a fun vintage feel. that film sounds like it'd annoy me as well but I won't get into that now... glad I found your blog, you are so adorable!

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