Care Packages

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Email, blogs and online communication are fun and funky, but there’s just something special about getting something you can hold onto. And, like Maria in the Sound of Music, packages are one of my favorite things. So, from time to time, there’s going to be sneak-peeks into some of the care packages I mail out to friends, like this one below.

A birthday package! Fun, fun!

Care packages don’t have to be costly to be fun! I put in: A borrowed book Soulless (for the girl who appreciates a little supernatural humor), bumper stickers (for the teacher), paper clips (who couldn’t use more pretty office supplies?), magazines (A girly one for a light read, The Sun for literary stimulation), a CD (Golden Oldies; thanks iTunes!), A giant print of an Alice in Wonderland Page (taken from an oversized coloring book. Good to color), two specialty notepads (packing lists for the world traveller, and Good Job for those who regularly need to be told how much they rock), Photography Fine Art Postcards and candy (that you can only find at candy stores). Plus, a birthday card (envelope has a hand drawn maze. Go on; add a little fun to the day!)

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