Dance the Night Away: What I Wore

Monday, March 12, 2012

So this is the evening gown I wore this past weekend (it was also worn for a Christmas Ball, which is where this photo is actually from...). Sadly, I didn't get a shot of its gorgeous front, but you can see the wow-factor of the back rather well....

Evening wear

If you are anything like me before this year, buying/owning an evening gown is probably something you haven't thought of since prom (And trust me, what you wore to prom-while very lovely, I'm sure- is not what an adult woman would wear, if my online safari is any indication at all). I had very good luck with Sung Boutique in Los Angeles . Wyoming is a long ways from Los Angeles, so this was all online. However,  I found their dresses very inexpensive for this type of clothing item, and yet very well made. Their site was easy to use, and their phone help was good too. I felt like a million bucks. They still have the same style of dress in black , if you are interested, and many other lovely options.

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