Danyon's Care Package

Thursday, March 22, 2012

danyonpackage5 danyonpackage4 danyon3 danyonpackage2

This care package was for my sister, Danyon, who is away at college. She lives where it rains a lot, so hopefully the color brightened up her day!

 I sent her: Sudoku Puzzles (she introduced me to the addiction!), Chinese Fortunes, (from cookies), colored sidewalk chalk (she's a design major and an RA. I figure they could be useful), a belt, earrings (from Stiched and Adorned), postcards (from Haymitch Printshop), a burned CD, and two Glamour magazines (in all fairness, it is her subscription....). My mother donated the egg thing that is actually a tiny place to grown plants and I made her a Compliment-a-Day Chart. You scratch off the gold paint to reveal the message below. (tutorial: here). Lastly, I made a "shaggy rainbow" to fill the box. ( 


  1. Such a sweet package! I'm sure she'll be so excited to receive it ( I know I would!!).

    Have a nice day dear,

    Virginie xo

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  2. the scratch-off is so cool!!

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