Weekend Review: Dance the Night Away

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Thai Pony
Tissue paper Chandelier
Dress Chandelier
@ a dance Dancing
Puppies Rode the pony

 Whoa;  busy weekend! Amos (my beau) and I headed up to Billings, Montana to go to formal put on by the Yellowstone Ballroom Dance Club held at the local Elks Club! Its a chance to polish up your skills and, with a strict dress code, put any style know-how you possess to work. Since we were just guests and not members, Amos was able to get away with just his suit (James Bond's got nothing on him!) instead of a full out tux, but it gave me a chance to get dressed to the nines in an evening gown. (I might post a larger photo of my evening gown later). Even though we enjoyed the band and the atmosphere, and felt the people were nice, we ended up down the hall. The dance floor there was smaller, and we might have looked a tad funny what with evening clothes in a sea of cowboy boots, but the band played more songs we could dance to! Sadly, the tango, foxtrot and mambo- all staples of the YBD shindigs- are still out of our league. Waltz, country two-step, Single- Lindy (a simple swing dance), and Cha-Cha is our limit right now.*

The other big treat was getting to go to a Thai restraint, something you can't normally get in my neck of the woods. Besides that, it was a quiet weekend taking care of the house and family dogs. Don't our wire fox terriers look cute? Who'd believe they got into as much mischief as they did?

*FYI: We started dance lessons this past October. Nothing intense; classes are once a week. If you are looking into learning to dance, but feel your community probably is too small to have much about such a specialized interest, think again! I live in a town less than 6,000 and found something. Your local clubs like the Eagles, the Elks or the Shrine might be a good place to look; such offerings are often open to the public at low 


  1. The red dress looks pretty spectacular, must have felt amazing dancing in it X

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