Weekend Review: Sisters and Sunshine

Monday, March 26, 2012

Sister Cards
Red lodge
Drive Phone
Red lodge Amos
London Drinks
Candy store Piano

My sister came back from Oregon for some sunshine and family over her Spring break. We got to hang with family, play cards and eat. Then on Sunday Amos and I took advantage of the good weather to trek up to a charming little mountain town called Red Lodge. Its snug up in this valley and coming in it always reminds me a of a toy town. Sort of feels like that too walking the streets. Spent most some of our time in a specialities food shop and some of it in the Montana Candy Emporium, the state's largest candy store. It had a player piano there!

PS If you are curious as to who takes photos for this blog, that'd be him right up there. I take some and the instagraming is me, but most of the photos are his.

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