What's in my bag?

Friday, March 16, 2012

I always love seeing what people have with them, and what's important. So, yes, that blogger rite of passage is upon us: here's a quick post to show you what's in my bag (the same bag and items from this lovely excursion , in fact).


I have: My ipad in its book-disguise case (made my Twelve South), a Jane Austen-inspired notebook that I use to jot down things like directions and addresses and phone numbers. You know, odds and ends. I also have a Wizard of Oz inspire journal; a pen and highlighter; A hairbrush, for the photoshoot later that day, as well as a comb;an iTouch and charger for Instragrams; and stamps. I also have a tin with things like medicine, and bobby pins etc. for emergencies and two bottles for allergy relievers too. The white card is my photo identification for work (turned upside down because it has addresses and such on it). I also have chopstick, lipstick (red), mints, an eyeglass case and a bag of nuts. I try to keep some non-presishable snack around because I get headaches if I don't eat regularly.


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