Write a Spiral Letter and Pictionary Note

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It seems very common sense to send a letter with any care package you send. Still, if you're like me, sometimes you want a corespondense with a surprise twist. Here are two unique letter writing ideas sure to make any pen pal's day.

The Spiral Letter

Above is a shot of a spiral letter I send my friend (part of it is about a sermon I heard last week, for any curious people. By the way, Hello, Ginger! It's a sneak peek of a letter in the mail for you!). The name pretty much describes it. You start writing in the center and wrap the words around in a spiral.

The Pictionary Note
Pictionary Letter

This is a "pictionary " letter for, in this case, a thank you note for a child. As you can see, you replace some words with pictures. This is, admittedly, harder than it sounds. Sure, A dear-deer is easy enough, but try making it trickier by putting two pictures together to create one word (a picture of a car with a plus sign and a picture of the Sun for the name "Carson" for example), or a word that is part picture and part letters (above you see the word "matched" is shown with a picture of a match and the letters "ed").

Whether these are part of a larger parcel or find their way into envelopes alone, I'm sure you'll find these as fun to write as they are to get.


  1. Hahaha! Clever, clever girl! I want to make one for my husband the next time I write a love letter. Ha!

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  2. love it!!



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