Weekend Review: Graduation Weekend

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

. . .
. Spinning .

So, this is a day late, but its not like I don't have a good excuse! Fargo is a twelve hour drive from Wyoming, people. Not that I'm complaining, its just a one day drive, but, well, it is an all day drive. And that's where my mom and I headed out to this memorial weekend: Fargo, North Dakota.
We went to see my youngest cousin, Colleen, graduate high school and catch up with relatives. It sure was a blast, but its always good to get home too. Do I really have to get out of bed? (Answer: Yes.)

  . . .
Grad . .
 First row: Filing Cabinet at a local store, the same store, a dessert from Nicole's
Second Row: My mother and Aunt: sisters reunited,  a cousin, Anna, teaches us to spin, a mailbox
Third Row:  our ride (what? You don't believe me?),  decorations, and The World's Largest Buffalo from Jamestown,
Last Row: Balloons, The new Graduate, and Salem Sue. I think ND makes up for its flat drive by making silly statues....

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  1. oh fun fun! I like all the pictures!-Danyon

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