Weekend Review: Polka Club

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dance Floor Dance invitations

This weekend felt so packed, but there aren't a lot of photos to show for it! We danced. And then danced. And, just for fun, danced some more. Okay, so there was more to it than that (we did, along with everyone else ever, go see The Avengers), but we jitterbugged, we waltzed, we two-stepped, and even tried to polka and circle schotttische-ed our feet right off! 

Above you can see the delightfully retro ticket/invites from the Big Sky Polka Club (turns out when you are under sixty and on the dance floor people like to give you invites to all sorts of things. We got these tickets at another dance...). The Polka Club, you may have guessed, is mostly senior citizens. They are also quite hep cats. The floor was huge, the band was live and the place packed. We did seem a little conspicuous, but everyone was so friendly. Someone even put up with me stepping on their toes to try and teach the Polka to me (their polka was considerably more tame that I'd ever seen it before too. Normally it looks like leaping gazelles or something). 

It helps, of course, going with someone else you know (in my case The Boy), but dancing helped me in an unexpected way. I'm less shy. Its a room full of strangers, but that's just fine. When we left it wasn't quite that way, and if we go again it will be less so. I'm less afraid to say I don't know something, less afraid that someone is watching. Do you have a hobby or activity where it made you more open and ready to try new things? 

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  1. Sounds like such a fun weekend! I love those retro tickets! My wedding invites were sort of retro playbill style like those. I love dancing, but I've never tried polka because it looks a bit intimidating. Bravo for giving it a go!



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