What I Wore: Classic (with a twist)

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Classic-3 Classic-5 Classic-1 Classic-2
Old cars, a shirt with a forties twist.... A lot of things can give you nostalgia. This short of a skirt exactly is not a trip down fashion's memory lane, admittedly. But perfect for a hot summer. Nostalgia with a twist.
Another thing sure to get nostalgia going are graduations. Seems like these things are today's coming of age in many ways. I'm out of the state right now, watching a cousin walk for her diploma. Obviously then, this outfit was from earlier this week, but be assured there will be some fun blog posts in the coming weeks. This trip has got me thinking! In the meantime, congrats to all high school and college graduates; good luck as you enter the next stage of your life!


  1. always enjoy your photos so much, so creative!!!

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    1. Thank you! We have fun taking them too.

  2. ooooh boy, these photos are absolutely awesome! First of all that blue car is too cool for words and secondly, I adoooore that mustard shirt! so cute! x

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  3. I've always wanted to take outfit photos near an old car. These photos are incredible, I absolutely love them. I also really like your outfit. The colours contrast so well with the car.

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  4. Love the shoes.. fav shot is is one at the back of the car! CUTE

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  5. Love these photos! What a perfect outfit for the setting! I love how the yellow in your top and shoes pops against all the blue!

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