What I Wore: Taking Chances

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bohemian-1 Bohemian-2 Bohemian-3

That's what I felt like this outfit was- taking a chance. Oh, sure. You've seen the silk scarf paired with just about anything a style blogger could think to pair it with but- it was new for me. Not sure it entirely worked, to be completely honest, and that's okay.

With summer coming on, I'm  taking a chance. Back in college, I'd always wanted to go study abroad or something, but it was never in the cards. Life goes on, and a year later, I really needed something new. That landed me, ultimately, abroad, leaning how to teach English, and I was back in Europe the next year to teach English through the summer again. Some people's adventures might be different, bigger, grander. But that was mine and something I worked towards through the year.

I'm not traveling abroad this year. A very definitely plan not to.  Staying has become the chance, the unknown. There are new goals; new adventures. They don't sound as glamorous as getting a midnight train to Budapest or learning rude hand gestures to avoid in Italy or that delightful sense of secret purpose an airport with only your own company can bring. This summer is a little scary in its ordinariness, in its work that I'll be putting in to chart a way to a differently patterned life.

Aaaaand, now I feel like that Beatle's song, She's So Heavy. So its not just pretty outfits here. That's taking a chance too, right?


  1. Cute print mixing in this outfit. The scarf is a really great addition. I'm really in love with your shoes, though. They're adorable!

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  2. loving the background. beautiful!

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