Mail Madness Post: 15 Things to Send in a Care Package (8th Edition)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

  1. A flip book
  2. nail kit
  3. bouncy balls
  4. decorative bottle stoppers
  5. A pair of fun PJs
  6. Gift Certificate
  7. Sand bucket and assorted tools
  8. Handmade paper
  9. Spices (Mulling spices, Cooking spices etc.)
  10. Blanket
  11. Themed items from a favorite story, show or film (Examples- a wand or Hogwarts letter for Harry Potter Fans, ruby slippers for Oz fans etc.)
  12. Handprinted Mousepad
  13. water gun
  14. A handmade or paper crown
  15. Domino Set

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  1. great idea! I never really send care packages, because I never know what to send.

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  2. Oh yes! I love snail mail :)

    Virginie xo

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  3. I just got something in the mail today! Nothing beats coming home to a package!

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  4. Oh! Indy, what did you get?

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