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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I love sending mail, as can be seen with my obsession with care packages. However, even I will admit that it is just not practical to send one all the time (and novelty is a key to happiness!). But what if you still want a fun surprise to your snail-mail letter-getter? Break out your pens to try a Spiral Letter or Pictionary Note. Or, if you're looking for something new, you can try a Mirror Writing Letter!

The Mirror Writing Letter   
    Mirror Note-1
Mirror Note-2

A Mirror Letter is a letter you can read correctly only when you use a mirror. When looking at the letter itself, everything is inverted. That's right- or should I say write- you write right to left with the letters backwards! This way in the mirror what looks topsy-turvy in real life is revealed to be a thoughtful epistle to your friends! 

 Confession: I'm a lefty and in addition wrote a lot of letters reversed (actually, entire lines. One row of words would go the right way, the next row of words reversed!) all the way through third grade. And I still found writing this Mirror Letter hard to do! But you too can master this fun trick! Word to the wise: do a rough draft, and check it every sentence or so with a mirror to make sure your letters all look correct in the mirror! If you do mess up on the "final draft" of the letter and don't (or can't if you're a pen-user) want to erase... see if you can convert your mistakes into cute little drawings. Its an illustration then and not a mistake at all. You clearly meant to draw that park bench with balloons! 

The Backwards Letter

 If a Mirror Writing Letter looks a little daunting, or you just want something different, try its little brother version- the Backwards Letter. I don't have a photo to illustrate, but its pretty simple in concept. Your words and letters are all written normally (left to right, up to down). BUT the order of the words is backwards (You write the sentences right to left and the paragraphs up to down). Basically, you but your greeting where the validation would be and work from there. For example: 


 , friend Your

!out  styles writing letter silly these try you hope I 

, Reader Blog Dear

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  1. That looks amazing handwritten! I posted about one that I did by flipping text that I had typed, but it's just not quite the same as good old handwritten snail mail! You deserve a high five for dedication! :)

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