Trip Review: Columbia Gorge

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Inn at the Gorge

As I mentioned last post, last week we took a road trip to Portland and back. The trip actually started with two shorter stops to see friends and family along the way, but we are strangely photo-less when it comes to these get togethers. Too busy talking and catching up, I guess...

We spent a lovely day or so in the Columbia Gorge though. Its so different than the beauty of Wyoming. Everything is lush and green! Arguably the highlight was staying here, at the Inn at the Gorge. Our first experience with a Bed and Breakfast, we found it not much more expensive than a regular hotel, and with the breakfast they served, we probably even saved money! Our B&B had a Victorian theme, and we all ate breakfast together, leaving the table friends with the outer guests when we'd sat down strangers. How cosy- even if I did probably eat too much!
Lavender Farm Lavender Farm
Lavender Farm
Lavender Farm

Hood River, where we stayed, if famous for something called the "Fruit Loop." Its a loop of road where many farms, orchards and wineries are. You can stop along any of them for a U-Pick session or a taste at a tasting room. Sadly, early June is not really the season for anything, so many places were closed. No U-Pick for us! But we did stop at this unbelievably pleasant lavender farm, that also had a wild flower garden.

Below you can see a few of our attempts at outfit photos, but they were taken in the middle of the day (harsher light), and the flowers proved awfully distracting!
waterfall waterfall waterfall waterfall waterfall

Heading in towards Portland, we detoured to take the Columbia Scenic Highway to see several waterfalls, the most famous of which is, of course, Multnomah falls. As you can see, the water made things a little chiller and may have wreaked havoc with my hair a bit! This arid-dessert dweller was not use to such things! Breathtaking beauty in the gorge. Did you know that there are plants there from the ice age that don't grown anywhere else? Learn something new everyday! Plus, we managed to get a rare picture of The Boy! (Why is it when you ask people to take pictures of you, they almost always cut off your feet at your ankles? It looks so strange to me...)

Stay tuned for more next post! Next up: Portland's quirkiest hotel.


  1. That looks so beautiful! I would love to visit that lavender garden sometime

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  2. great outfit! love Multnomah falls, and cute to see your man there with you!!!

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  3. aw, the gorge is so beautiful!!

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  4. what beautiful photographs and a beautiful place.
    p.s. totally obsessing over your necklace :)
    xo TJ

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  5. Great photos! Love you skirt and necklace!

    Treena Bean Giveaway!

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  6. Wow it looks gorgeous there!

    xo Jennifer

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  7. you spell "cozy" the british way- "cosy" - I wonder if your childhood reading choices impacted that :)

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  8. Really loving your blog!!!! I want more! I'm now following you!!!! :-)

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