Trip Review: Lions and Tigers and Zoo Dates, Oh My!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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One of the things we definitely wanted to do while in a metropolis was a day at the zoo, so on our last day in Portland, we struck out for one.Now I haven't been one since I was in grade school, so there's no expert here, but the Oregon Zoo seemed like a pretty fabulous zoo all said. They seem to support a lot of research and charity work. It was also impressive how many different events they do though out the summer. Is anyone living near a zoo a member who goes to events?

We saw so man animals! Also so many children, but rather than detracting from the mood, it added to the fun, free adventurous spirit of it.Above our some of our favorite new friends. Amos (The Boy) had a field day with his camera; all of these photos are his.

There were old favorite stops, like the elephants, or the giraffe who sported that neat spot on his back, but there were also unexpected delights, like the graceful sea lions or the gernuk who surprisingly can stand up right on his hind legs to reach food! What are your favorite animals to see at the zoo?

Earlier in the trip we toured downtown Portland and stayed at the Kennedy School, and we saw Oregon's waterfalls.

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  1. very nice photos, and I love your dress!!!

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  2. He made beautiful photos that day! I love going to the zoo but my boyfriend never wants to come along + they are quite expensive. Entrance fees are up to $35 ! x

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    2. Yikes! This one's entrance fee was not that expensive! It is 10 dollars- about what it costs to go to a film, really.

  3. i absolutely love the zoo! cute dress.


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  4. omg the monkey is so cute!!! I want to pet it.
    I never knew Oregon zoo had so many safari animals. I will check it out next time I visit.
    Thanks for sharing. Nice dress!

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  5. some of these pictured killed me. I can't handle all of this cuteness.

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  6. wow, nice shots Amos!
    Love your sweet yellow dress, Krish! <3

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  7. Such a fun looking day - and a thoroughly pretty, wonderfully summer dress. There are no zoos near us, but we do have a cute little petting zoo about 35 minutes away, which I enjoy just as much :)

    ♥ Jessica

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