Weekend Review: In The Good Old Summertime

Monday, June 25, 2012

Roasting Marshmellows Movie in the Garage Brisco Grandma and Sister Movie in the Garage Amos Dogs S'more!

The summer heat has arrived. But while we are all melting in the day (and I just tell myself, at least it isn't humid. Thank goodness! Sorry for all of you in such places), we proved this weekend we know how to relax in the evening air. A family Barbeque, and outdoor movie in a garage (if you're in the area, learn more about Movies in the Park. We will be showing movies throughout the sumer) and a s'more bonfire made for a memorable weekend.

photo 1: roasting marshmallows
photo 2: watching His Girl Friday in a garage (screwball comedy starring Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell)
photo 3: Brisco, our wired fox terrier
photo 4: My grandmother and sister
photo 5: Amos and my mother at the movie
photo 6: Amos lighting the fire
photo 7: our wired fox terriers at the BBQ
photo 8: eating the fruits of our labor

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  1. Love the Pictures ,you look cute :)
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    Lovely Greetings from Austria!

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  2. Lovely pictures!
    I'm following you noew.


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  3. looks like somebody has a wonderful weekend!

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