What I Wore: In the Remembrance of a Place

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Abandoned Lot Abandoned Lot-10 Abandoned Lot-9 Abandoned Lot-1 Abandoned Lot-16
What I wore: Top (Gap; Old), Necklaces (DEBs and Etsy), Skirt and Belt (Ruche)

Where I live is a place of both the beautiful and the sublime (and whole lot of plain ole' desolate, but we won't get into that). Wyoming is just that way, but there are certain places that call to me that are not pretty, but that have beauty because they have story.  In college, almost by accident, exploring abandoned places became a hobby.  A favorite haunt was a whole area of town I ended up collectively referring to as Railroad Street. You can guess what industrial part of town this street was by, can't you?  Not the ritziest place by any means. Going photo-hunting there for the first time,  I took one of a leaning telephone pole by the railroad tracks. A man came out and said, apropos of nothing,  "Yeah, I've been worried about that too." 

A place no one repairs. 

And as one does, one graduates and moves on (literally moving in my case). Returning now after three years to these same places of abandonment was rather strange. Their stories are still mostly unknown to me. Who lived there? Who painted the bright colors and did they because they liked the cheering feeling, or because that was cheaper paint? Returning ,more parts are gone. A door's been kicked in; a roof lost; a place razed. Abandoned places are never the same place twice; their story is always growing and their exteriors rot away.

What places draw you in with their story (known or unknown to you?). How did you stumble across them and do you ever go back to them? 


  1. That outfit looks amazing up against that whitewashed wood! I love going through old, dilapidated homes and imagining their history!

    The Secondhand Magpie

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  2. I love the pictures! Perfect location too!

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  3. LOVE that paperbag waist skirt! Needing a top like that!


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  4. love this post Kristian, fills me with a nostalgic feeling. I love the picture where you are looking at the old window, and you can see your slight reflection there. I lived in South Dakota and Montana for a time in my past, and have traveled through much of Wyoming. There are some lonely, beautiful, rather untouched places out there. Thanks for another beautiful post!

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  5. I love the location where you shot these photos. This necklace is so pretty, the little green part adds the perfect little touch.

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  6. You always have the best back drops and the most interesting text! Love this look as well; it looks very editorial!

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