What I Wore: On The Road Again

Monday, June 11, 2012

Railroad-5 Railroad-6 Railroad-2 Railroad-4 Railroad-7

Summer time is time for road trips, and, though I haven't made it onto the Ol' Route 66 yet,  I seem to be constantly on the road these days!

These shorts were from my trip out to North Dakota. I got them from the adorable Proper and Prim shop, and they've become my summer uniform. The photos though were taken in Laramie, Wyoming, home of my alma mater. At 7200 ft, it only gets summer for about two days, but when it does, its glorious. Its the highest point of the continental railroad (which I am standing above on a walking bridge where people are NOT supposed to ride their bikes!). Sorry to any Laramie friends; we pretty much took these photos and dropped dead back at our rooms from the long drive.

And now, we are once more On The Road Again, this time to Portland and the Oregon area. I love a road trip and this one is extra special with fun stops, visits to family and friend, and ends with being useful, helping my sister move. So expect lots of photos though out the week. Happy Tails to you (until we meet again)!


  1. You roadtripper! I'm a bit jaelous, haha! I love these red shorts you are wearing, they are lovely! and So the the location you're at! :D x

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  2. hahahaa I like that last picture, it reminds me and my attempts to do the "sexy photo shoots" lol

    Have a great day!

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  3. Loving these shots on that bridge! Great backdrop!


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  4. Very exciting! I just moved to Michigan from Oregon a year ago, I miss Oregon a lot, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so I'll be looking forward to your pictures. Great shoot again, love the hearts on the bridge and your red shorts. Safe travels!

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  5. Loving your siren-red shorts in these pics. I love summer road trips and the feeling of adventure that the longer evenings and sunny weather conjures up! Enjoy your next trip :)

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  6. Yay for the red shorts and this super cool road trip :)

    Virginie xo

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  7. How I adore your shorts, love how you've worn them here - super cute!! And yup me too, love road trips so much fun!! xo

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