Fourth of July Review

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hope all my American readers had a fantastic Independence Day- and that all my international readers had a great Wednesday.

Personally, we had a fantastic day- its my favorite holiday after Christmas. There's just so much joy and many activities where people can get out and come together. Cody has a huge parade (133 floats; not bad for a town of only 10,000!), followed by live music all over town and a arts and crafts festival in the park. Thankfully didn't really heat up till after the parade. We did seek air-conditioned refugee for the afternoon, but danced the night away before fireworks. What a sweet time.

  Cody's Stampede Parade Mom and I Cody's Stampede Parade-Band Cody's Stampede Parade Float Cody's Stampede Parade- CAN Float Dog Thirst Aid Station Uncle Sam at Cody Parade Backless Western Dress fc33df5ec64711e18cf91231380fd29b_7 Dancers at Cassie's

1. Cody's parade. There are always a lot of hoers 

2. Mom and I waiting for the parade to begin 

3.A marching band

4. One of the floats (Rocky Mountain School of Dance's)

5. The Boy works for a non-profit. This is their float (the group focusses on positive peer pressure)

6. Dog Thirst Aid Station at the fair

7. Uncle Sam (on stilts) reaches down to shake a young American's hand

8. A promotional for Cody's Western Portrait Studio, wearing one of their costumes. There's only half a dress because you only take pictures of the front! 

9. A smokey sunset over Heart Mountain. There are several forest fires in the area

10. Two of our friends from dance class are dancing at Cassie's


  1. looks like a ton of fun!

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  2. what a gret pics!!!
    Just found your blog and I think is super!
    I've started following you on GFC and Bloglovin!
    like to follow back? we could stay in contact if you like!! I hope so!!
    kisses dear!!!

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