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Friday, July 20, 2012

It won't become a habit- getting mushy on Never Fully Dressed, that is. Or maybe it will, who knows?

But today- 365 days= the day I met someone who'd change my life.

Yeah. This is gonna be About "The Boy."

Amos and I
Here's the thing- one year ago, I was newly home from Europe wondering if I'd made the right choice to come back at all, and wondering where things were going to go from where I was. If I was doing things to get what I wanted in life. Not to sound all Cosmopolitian or Seventeen Magazine on anyone, but one of the things I did want was a relationship, and had nothing to show for that. Small Town America is not where one meets anybody- boy, girl or kangaroo. So, I joined one of those online dating sites. Better than nothing, right?

Amos was the very first person I'd ever met or contacted from the site. (Others' milage concerning online dating may vary, but one in five relationships start online. We're part of a statistic!) A strange experience, meeting someone online. We met for lunch and stayed for two hours. An all-day excursion to the mountains followed and then- well,  somehow it turned out that I'd met someone who changed my life.

Amos and I

This post isn't here just to be sappy though. Who is this Boy? He's actually quite the big presence on the blog, though you might not know it at first glance. Almost all the photography is his work (except for the instagrams; those are mine. Any other's work should be cited). He's my sound board and cheerleader (this blog was his idea.) His name is Amos. He works for a non-profit called Cody CAN (Change Attitudes Now) that focuses on using positive peer pressure and positive messaging to get kids to make positive life choices, especially concerning drugs. It's the type of job that's a crazy amalgam of social media, photography, tech support, event planning, cheerleading and more.

Want to know more? Well, lists like these are never exhaustive, but here's some other things About The Boy:

1) He's supportive. Like I said, it's because of him there's a blog. But it's bigger than that. A partner needs to be supportive of your dreams and goals, and. sometimes, they can help you find them.

2) He's generous. He's generous in his time and in his effort and in his attention. He's the type that not only opens doors for you, but for your friends.

3) He's crazy-smart. Actually, he's not just smart. He's geeky too. (And seeing as I am involved in teaching people how use technology to learn, we have the geekiest conversations ever.)

4) We are different. Nora Ephron once joked that the film You've Got Mail could have been named So You Want to Marry a Republican. Not because that's what the movie is literally about (nor is a statement about either of our politics either way). Rather, when you ask someone to list who they'd like to's often a lot of their own traits they talk about. But you don't need another you. Other people will open you up to new things, and maybe you'll like them and maybe not. If not that's okay. For example, we both like to read, but different things.  Dinner conversations in the making, then, right?

Amos and I dancing

Instagram by Jayne Johnson

5) He's a romantic and is passionate. Guess who found where we could take dancing lessons after I voiced a longing to learn to dance? Guess who ended up being the one more eager to learn newer, harder things? Guess who likes me in twirly skirts the best? Yeah.

6) He's adventurous. Okay, this one is a double-edged sword. A year ago today I was listening to the story  of his adventure parachuting. It was a little scary; not gonna lie. Luckily  a) the parachuting was a one time thing and b) Adventures come in all shapes and sizes.

Car reflection

7) He's gets along with my family. This really cannot be overstated enough. Your family knows you, and can see beyond your blindspot for you. (Yes, his family is wonderful too.)

8)  Similar beliefs, and values and ideas of where we want life to head. Also, cannot be overvalued.

9) We balance each other out. While he needs to be reminded sometimes that "Perfect is the enemy of the good," I might be guilty of subscribing too much to "good enough for government work." I tend to be very goal oriented, a big picture person; he's got an eye for details.

10) Amos is Amos. We all need to our own selves be true. It is the small, undefinable parts of a person- what makes them laugh, a quirk they have, the fears they share, the books they like, the movies they don't, the dreams and memories and loves they open up to you with- that really matter in ways we probably don't even realize. They are wonderful and they are him.

Amos Snapshot

Bonus: He's silly!

Love you, babe.


  1. Awe, yaya, happy first anniversary!!

    You guys are super sweet together and looks like you found a great solid soul to take this life journey with :)

    Aren't we SO blessed to have amazing men in our lives?

    Virginie xo

    ps: I met Ramiro online too, it's not super ramantical but it's true!

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    1. Virginie,

      Yes, we are! That is very interesting that you met Ramiro online too-what a coincidence!

  2. Hattitude Style Blog

    i thnk meeting people online is AMAZING. i met my manfriend at a friends buck and doe. we were very lucky. but i'm a firm believer in online dating. i've seen so many successful and wonderful relationships out of it.
    happy anniversary kristian and Amos. You two sounds wonderful. i love love love that he is so supportive of you!
    p.s. i make the collages on best editing site EVER

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

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  3. Romantic Post ,great Photos!

    Lovley Greetings :)

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  4. So cute! Met my love online and we've been together for 5 1/2 years, so yes, they do work! :)

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  5. This is so sweet! I'm happy you found the man of your dreams :)

    Xoxo Sarah

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  6. awwww mushy tears everywhere here. thanks for a great post xoxo

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  7. Aw, I loved reading this! He's obviously a huge part of your life, so it's such a nice treat to learn more about him. You guys are adorable together! :)

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  8. okay, you are both absolutely adorable! and i love that you are a statistic to online dating. too perfect :)
    xo TJ

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  9. Awww this melted my heart! You guys are so adorable and I love these photos!


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  10. how cute!! so happy for you two!

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  11. He sounds like a really amazing guy and you are so lucky to have a man like that. Plus he has a really awesome name!

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  12. What a wonderful post. All the best to the two of you!

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  13. I have to admit I'm a sucker for these mushy gushy type posts =). A lot of people look for superficial or very general qualities in a person, but I think you've done a wonderful job of summing up what the real important qualities are, what love is and what makes a healthy and lasting relationship work!


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  14. great love story, such an inspiration!

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  15. oh my Kristian i am SOOOOO glad you linked back to this post!! It is just the sweetest!! First (superficial) comment first, I'd been dying to see some pictures of you w/ this elusive boy and ahh you two are adorable together!! and now, most importantly, he sounds like an amazing find & you two seem to complement each other perfectly! J is like that too, getting carried away in the details & is def my better half in not being a grump many times haha. that's wonderful about both of your families, so true they see right through us, and often other ppl & sure, not the most romantic meeting story but this post was completely romantic and sounds like you've had tons of romantic times together! I'm goign to have to tell my mom about this, we keep telling her to join a dating site : )

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    1. Yeah- he's definitely a keeper!
      I hope your mom does try a dating site. I've had friends who've had mixed results, but several who are married who met there so... !


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