Weekend Review: Beartooth Mountains

Monday, July 16, 2012

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Escaping the heat is essential this summer, so we took off yesterday for higher altitudes and cooler (if thinner) air.Several hundred feet difference and suddenly I'm throwing snowballs at The Boy!

The Beatooth Mountains, was named one of the 100 places in American to see before you die by Time Magazine, and its easy to see why. Its not pretty green hills; things have to be rugged to live that high and it shows. But instead of pretty or beautiful, these peaks show you the majestic, the pristine and the sublime.

Daringly, this drive (which takes about 4 hours) was what Amos (The Boy) proposed as our first real date after meeting! His logic? That we'd certainly know whether we could stand the other person or not by the time we were through (Disclaimer: he never stated this purpose at the time, nor ever in this blunt way. But its still totally true).


  1. Thank you for the sweet comment on our blog! :)Nice pictures! Looks like you had a good time. :)now following you

    Lizzy <3

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  2. Lovely pictures.. I have never been to the Beatooth Mountains but it seems I should go before I die :)

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  3. they're beautiful :) thank you for commenting on my blog btw.
    would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

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  4. WOW....the place does look beautiful. Makes me wish I live somewhere close by to a location like this:)

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  5. This is beautiful! I want to go wherever this is and these are lovely instagram shots!

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  6. pretty good strategy to get to know someone :)
    aw kisses!

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