What I Wore: At Yellowstone Lake

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Yellowstone Lake Outfit Yellowstone Lake Outfit Yellowstone Lake Outfit Yellowstone Lake Outfit Yellowstone Lake Outfit

What I wore: Shirt (Old Navy), Shorts (Old Navy), Boater Hat (Target), necklace (Etsy) and shoes (Famous Footwear)

So, as you know, The Boy and I took a day trip up to Yellowstone for the day. The instagrams on the Weekend Review left out one very important stop though...Is it wrong that much of the day was planned around making it back to here in order to shoot these photos?

Yellowstone Lake (along with the Lake Hotel) is possibly my favorite part of the park. The largest mountain lake in North America, its huge, and quiet and beautiful. Its the type of place one can be lonely without being sad. Not that I was alone; The Boy is behind the camera obviously (and holding my hand when the camera's been put away. <>

Rather than muddle it all horribly with unclear explanations, I'll leave you with this quote from Teddy Roosevelt, who put it better than I ever could-

"There are no words that can tell the hidden spirit of the wilderness, that can reveal its mystery, its melancholy, and its charm."


  1. I love that short / shirt combo. And I wish that I could pull off hats like you!

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  2. Brilliant post!!! :-) Said it before but great blog. Keeps me coming back for more! :-)


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  3. I can't believe that shirt is from Old Navy, what a great find! These pictures are great and I definitely agree that I wish I could pull off hats like you do.

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  4. Hattitude Style Blog

    these shots are awesome! glad someone was there to capture these for you. i love the one of you on the rock with the water being sprayed. it's great. you always have the best photo shoot places! keeps it interesting.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

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  5. Compliments to the photographer!

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  6. that top is to die for!


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  7. Love your Golden Snitch necklace! This is a great summer outfit!

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  8. Beautiful! You're making me want to go back!! Love your outfit!

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  9. lovely look and the location is so amazing!


    ps. you can now win some awesome 4EVER WITH EVERYONE bracelets on our blog!

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  10. Those photos are so fabulous! You look great in them and the setting is beautiful!

    <3 Jenny

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  11. You have such cute style!

    xo Jennifer


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  12. oh I lvoe this outfit!! you look fabulous - it looks comfortable and yet so pretty! it looks incredible with that landscape :)

    Drawing Dreaming

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