What I Wore: Braided, Bared and Back Again

Monday, July 9, 2012

Willwood-9 dypitchWillwood Willwood-1 Dypitch2-willwood

What I wore: shirt and shorts (Anthropologie), hat (Roman vendor), shoes (Famous Footwear), Necklace (American Eagle) 

 Summer comes and you see so many girls trading long locks for short curls, and while the shorter looks can be adorable, what about the rest of us trying to beat the heat? This is a five-strand braid. Its a bit of a mess because my hair was curly, but still serviceable getting things off the neck, making exploring in the heat easier.

This is the same abandoned house as you've seen before. A second look canalways reveal so much about what you missed about a place, though its probably the last time we'll be back (new adventures next!)  It is always important to note too, that while the houses are in disuse, quite often the land is still being habituated. In this case, farmland sits beyond the trees behind this house. I guess the owners moved on to bigger and better things, or at least another house? Less romantic than the stories the objects inside want to hint at, but probably closer to the mark!


  1. Hattitude Style Blog

    oh wow love love the scenery shots again! those double photos are trippy!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

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  2. love the elaborate braid!! it looks great with your wavy hair! also that second picture is tooo cool! :D


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  3. I like the bright yellow of your top, and the way one of your photos is edited so that it looks like you're both standing in a doorway and looking out a window in the same shot :D

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  4. These photos are dreamy! You 60's babe you! The light in the first picture is beautiful. I love little you peeking through the window too O_O!

    Your curly locks are adorable. Me and my unruly haiurss are not getting on at the minute! It's naturally curly (frizzy) and does not agree with the stormy rainy weather in england :( gingy afro all the way :(

    Love your blog! It's beautiful! xxxx

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  5. What an adorable outfit! And your hair+hat+braids combo is perfect for summer!

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  6. beautiful photos once again! love the braids!

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  7. lovely photos. You looks adorable! :)xxx

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