Care Package for Danyon

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


With my sister moving to a new town, a small care package seemed like a great house-warming present (sent several days after I knew most of the unpacking would be done, so it didn't get lost in the shuffle as one more box to move). This darling Momiji doll, a souvenir from our trip to San Francisco's Chinatown, and this comb from a trip to Fargo, ND set the tone for this care package. To keep with the cute/Asian theme, I also got her a few cute animal erasers, a pretty set of tweezers, some of her favorite puzzles (sudoku), and got a pretty magnet (inspired by a package someone sent me!)  and a back-to-school sticker (she is in her last year of college).

Happy homecomings, Danyon!


  1. that would be a wonderful package to receive! have a beautiful day :)

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  2. That is so sweet!! I am moving in two weeks and I'd LOVE to receive a housewarming package like this! How adorable :)

    Lots of love,

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  3. What a cool gift to receive, seriously. I need to find myself a comb that gorgeous!

    xoxo Mama Wolf

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  6. So Sweet! I love Sudoku's! :D as long as it's the one star ones... The others are to hard and make me feel bad, haha. x

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  7. Aww this is so cute! I love the doll! x

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