FIlm Flick Friday: Gentlemen Prefer Blondes

Friday, August 17, 2012

Famously informed that she was not the star of the movie Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Monroe replied, "Well, but I'm still the blonde." And she was- eventually. 

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes started out life as a Broadway musical, with Carol Channing playing the ditzy blonde. The studio purchased movie rights to the script as a possibly vehicle for Betty Grable and her long, long legs, but then decided that they had a much cheaper and more potent sex symbol in Monroe. Jane Russell was then cast after Yvonne Lumbergh, the star of the oringal Broadway play, refused the role unless Channing starred opposite of her.

In retrospect, its a big leap from Channing to Monroe, who, despite their blonde hair and prechance for playing the ditz, have personas miles apart. And yet, the pairing worked wonderfully! Monroe and Russell got along well on set and off- a rarity for Monroe who often caused problems due to her (likely accurate) perception that her fellow moviemakers had little respect for her. This friendship translated well onto the film; for a person whose fame is based on her appeal with the opposite sex, what I love most about Monroe is how genuine her relationships with women seem to be on the screen.This film was charming and funny, with snappy numbers. The scene with Monroe in her shockingly pink dress and a ransom of diamonds does indeed live up to expectations. More than anything though, it is the genuine ease the ladies have with one another that engaged me.

The story starts with Two Little Girls from Little Rock boarding a cruise line bound for "Europe, France." Lorelai, played by Monroe, is hoping that absence really will make the heart grow fonder, and that her going to Paris will inspire her rich beau to buck Daddy's expectations and marry her. Jane Russell's character, Dorothy Shaw, is coming along as "chaperone" and friend. On board, these two lounge singers get into all sorts of highjinks including flirting- and duping- the private eye Daddy's hired to dig up dirt on Lorelai's behavior. Unfortunately, some compromising issues arise, and what transpires illustrates the hilarious, but true fact that, while Gentlemen may Prefer Blondes, every lady knows that it is Diamonds that are A Girl's Best Friend!


  1. I love Marilyn Monroe. I definitely need to watch this movie.

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    1. I hope you do; it is my favorite of Monroe's films.

  2. I can never get enough of Marilyn Monroe movies! This is definitely worthy of being your favorite of her films! :)

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  3. Woah, I should totally put this on my movie list D:

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  5. It's been ages since I've seen this movie. Will have to watch it again :)

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  6. never seen any of her film, very bad isn't it? need to check it out. great blog, i'm following you now. i have a new post if you get a chance to take a look xx

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