What I Wore: Having a "Fashion Moment"

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fashion Moment 3 Turban Collage Fashion Moment 2 Counting Crows at the Magic City Blues Festival

Independent Fashion Bloggers announced its 60th project on Saturday, and I thought, well, its kismet. Surely, serendipity. Because I was having a "Fashion Moment" on that day, right before they posted their current project.

My family, The Boy, and various family friends were all up in Billings for the Magic City Blues Festival (see more with my Weekend Review). The nights were long and rocking, but the day were fun too with shopping and a Farmers' Market. What does this have to do with a Fashion Moment? Among the radishes and fresh baked bread at the Farmers' Market that day, a very stylish girl came up to me...and asked to take my photograph for a "local free fashion 'zine." Oh my! That is the first time that has ever happened.  Above is the outfit I was wear that this photographer liked.

Unfortunately, I was so excited and flustered by the feeling of being a "real" blogger that someone would ask for my photo... I forgot to ask for any additional information about the 'zine! If any locals know...pass on the info to me too!  Add this to the Billings Gazette snapping a photo of The Boy and I dancing at the festival (posted to their gallery page) and I felt like a celebrity indeed!

The next day, of course, I was back to being a face in the crowd, and everything is back to how it (probably?) should be. But a moment of paparazzi was a nice fashion moment indeed.


  1. Love the outfit and congrats on the soon to be photo!


    Leopard and Lillies

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  2. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! The colors look really gorgeous together - simple and pretty! :)


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  3. Hattitude Style Blog

    ooo kristian! that's so exciting! have you tried googling "the zine" i hope you find it!

    i looove this outfit. it is so rocking! i love the layered necklaces (obviously huge jewels fan!)

    how did you tie your headscarf?!?! it's magnificent. do a tutorial please!!

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

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  4. I love that headband you are rocking!

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  5. Ahh Kristian, that's SO exciting! I can definitely see why she wanted to take your photo, you look amazing. Seriously, that head scarf is the best. And it doesn't hurt that you look incredibly happy and confident here :)

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  6. you look beautiful! no wonder they wanted to photograph you! sounds like a fun time, I was just at the Red Ant Pants festival in White Sulphur Springs, MT and loved it. great outfit!

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  7. aw how cute! getting photographed left and right. i love the colors in this outfit!

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  8. Nice outfit and i like the colors. That lovely turban really stands out. Thanks for dropping by at my blog

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  9. How fun to get photographed! Great outfit :)

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  10. you look beautiful in these pictures! That outfit is great, and the picture of you two dancing is fantastic!!

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  11. You look gorgeous and full of personality! Lovely pictures :)

    Katie @ Grown2Love

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  12. This outfit is so pretty. I love all the colors and the head scarf makes it even more beautiful. Lovely shots!

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  13. How cool! I wouldn't know what to do when someone came up to me and asked my photos. I'd be like, really shy and say nooooooo and get all red and run, haha. I can see why she asked your photo though. I'm in love with the teal - yellow combo!! x

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  14. Super excited for you girl! Great look, love the yellow scarf!!!

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  15. I stumble upon your blog from the IFB post and I'm loving your style!
    Congrats on that photo! You must feel like like a celeb!
    I love that headband! and the high quality of your photos!

    It's Gaby12004!

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  16. You are rocking that head wrap :) Great colour too! Sounds like an amazing festival.


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