Hair How-To: Bardot "Choucroute" Hair

Sunday, September 9, 2012

I am so excited to introduce to you a new series of posts: Hair How-to's! There are a lot of great hair how-to posts out there already, so I'll try to keep from beating a dead horse and stick to hair-dos that you either see me sporting around on the blog a lot or hair-dos that others haven't already done a ton yet.

This week's hair is inspired by that 60's  French icon, Brigitte Bardot and her " Choucroute" hair style.  Meant to be messy (it got its name of c houcroute hair  because  people felt it looks like cabbage piled high on a plate) and sexy, this hairdo is incredible easy to do. All you need is about fifteen minutes, a brush or comb and  a few bobby pins. 

Bardot Hair Instructions

1. Divide hair

Start right above your ear and move horizontally around your head till you get to the other ear. Your hair is now divided into a top section and a botom section. You will divide the top section again, this time into two section. These are divided so the part runs parallel to the one you just made. You should now have a bottom section, a middel section and a front section. Pin or twist the front section out of the way for now. You will be working with the middle section for this next step.

2. Curl round finger

Take the middle section and pull hair taunt and forward above your forehead. Then take two your first two fingers and wrap the end of the hair over and then around them to form a roll. Once you have the roll you may take your fingers out.

3. Bring roll to crown

Continue to roll the hair around and around, bringing the roll to the crown of your head. Remember where the roll sits on your head will be how high the hair is in the finished look. You may want to adjust your roll so it sits higher or lower on your head.

4. Pin hair

When you like where your hair is sitting on your head, pin the roll there. Remember, this will all be covered up by other hair, so it does not need to be pretty, but it does need to be secure! I generally use 2-4 bobby pins; your milage may vary.

5. Divide hair

 Get the top section out so you can work with it. You may need to brush it out so the hair is not all to one side of your head. You are going to divide your hair into three sections- two section on the sides of your head and a larger section in the middle. Leave the side section down for now.

6. Brush out middle section

This is an optional step. It works to make the hair lay more smoothly, and I brushed out mine because it had just been washed that morning and was a bit fly-away. However, Bardot's look is meant to be messy, so it is perfectly acceptable to skip this step!

7. Pull section over roll

Pull the middle section back over the roll, adjusting as needed for any bumps. The roll should be pretty much covered, but if the sides are not, don't worry. You still have your two side sections.

8. Pin Hair

When you like how things look, pin it into place. It may help to twist the hair when you pin it to keep things better in place.

9. Tease the sides

This is also an optional step. Back-brushing will give you more volume. You can use a brush, as I did, or a comb.

10. Pin both sides

Pull the side section back along the side of your head and/or roll. When you like how it looks, pin it in place. Repeat on the other side.

Viola! An easy 60's inspired look!


  1. Great post!! I'll definitely try it cause it seems really easy:)
    If you have time please check out some of my looks on!!



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  2. I love this hair style! So cute. Thanks so much for sharing I cannot wait to give this a try on my own hair!

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  3. I LOVE this post! I can't wait to see more hair how-to's. And what a great one to start off with! This looks amazing, wish I was talented enough to do the Bardot on myself!

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  4. Ooo, I've got to try this...looks lovely!

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  5. interesting post!

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  6. great post! I think I can identify with your hair posts a bit better than some of the others out there, great look, and I love all the volume.

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  7. I admire Brigitte Bardot so much, I will definitely be trying this out! I've also featured this tutorial on my blog, if you don't mind :)


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    1. So long as you link back to my tutorial and give credit, I don't mind at all. Glad it was helpful for you.


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