What I Wore: Saving Time in a Bottle

Thursday, September 27, 2012

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What I Wore: Blazer (H&M, old), Tank (Forever 21), Jeans (GAP), Mocassins (Minnetonka via Famous Footwear), Bowler (The Hat Shop in Seattle, WA), Necklace (gift)

Its hard to believe that September is almost through, but its true. Look- its even cold in the mornings (so cold I would never have believed how hot it could get later); I was freezing in these! Lucky my blazer was warm.

Settling into the New Normal as far as job/routines go, but sometimes my days seem to slip by just like this month did. I know I was busy (I always feel busy now), but then someone asks with what, and I'm not sure what to say. Ha, probably more time than I want to admit was spent on this blog! But seriously...where did all the time go? No sense in wondering, I suppose. Just gotta troop on.

Still, can't help thinking If I could save time in a bottle- I would spend it with you. Jim Croece, you never spoke truer words. Yeah, you all know who I'm writing to (Hint: I'm writing to all of you).


  1. love this jacket! great pics xx


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  2. I love the collar on your jacket.
    I'm now following!
    (By the way, I was Judas Tree but have just switched names!)

    le fresne x

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  3. i LOVE that blazer. and these photos - you look REALLY beautiful in this outfit - it's very becoming and i love the colors on you

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails

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  4. What a perfect outfit! That hat and blazer are perfection! I can't wait until it gets chilly enough here to wear my fall blazers-it's going to be in the 80's for the next little while here. Loving the simple jeans with this too!

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  5. That blazer! Where did you get it?! Love the outfit and the earthy/classic vibe it's giving off.


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  6. What a great outfit. You have the best hats! Also, I love that you got to take photos on the beach. I used to live by the sea but it's now I've moved away from the sea I've got so much more into fashion blogging. Really wish I'd been more into my blog back then. Ah well. Anyway -your photos are gorgeous. Really enjoy them.

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  7. I am loving these menswear-inspired looks on you. Another Annie Hall-esque look! This blazer is wonderful. And I agree, September went way too fast!

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  8. Wow, that houndstooth blazer is incredible!! Your style is incredible, you pull it off so well
    looking great xx

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  9. love your dress and your hat <3

    anyway wanna follow each other? just let me know ;)

    please kindly visit my blog at


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  10. Love this look! And September has really flown by for me...it seems our weekends are so packed with things to do I don't have time to enjoy them! Maybe October will be more relaxing. ;)

    Happy Weekend!

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  11. Cute blazer! September did fly by, but I am definitely ready for fall!

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  12. Great classy look for Fall! Love your tailored jacket!
    Thank you for your message :)

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  13. oh boy, you look awesome! ^^ I love these jeans and the blazer! I have everything to recreate this outfit... This brings me to ideas... x

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  15. love the blazer! Where are you?

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    1. just at Buffalo Bill Reservoir, the far end, as you're heading to Wapiti and Yellowstone :)


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