What I Wore: Waking with the Sun

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

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What I Wore: Shirt (Questhaven Fashions), Jean Shorts (Old), Belt (vintage), Necklace (etsy)

Reading on Independent Fashion Bloggers the other day, I happened to stumble onto this article about the Benefits of Blogging Locally. This year is probably the first I knew when Fashion Week even was; not because its not important but because geography plays more of a role in our lives than we like to admit. The same day models stomped down runways in New York, I was listening to a sermon about how great it is to be a cowboy (I'm not a cowboy.) I'd definitely recommend the article, even if you don't blog. It helps one to appreciate that lots is happening around them. As a blogger however, it definitely got me to thinking. 

Our Saturday started with a dawn drive out to the reservoir for these pictures, followed by a drive through mountains to stop at a little bakery for doughnuts. This was a place where regulars kept their own mugs hanging on the walls with their names underneath. 

Wyoming barely even cracks half a million as a state; small enough so that three, and four and five (Um, generally wages are adjusted for cost of living) on this list are probably not possible for me (though, if there are any style bloggers in Wyoming or eastern Montana, let me know!). But Backgrounds? I think we can do. 

That we definitely can. 

Blogging has lots of benefits. The net is full of great people, but this has been one of the most unexpected and delightful side effects- rediscovering the beauty of where I am right now, the adventure of it, and a great person to share the adventure with (not to mention all you people following along!)


  1. so chic.
    i love your top, so pretty :)



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  2. Love it! The Blouse looks adorable okay ♡ :)


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  3. beautiful shoot, love appreciating local beauty! thanks for the inspiration Kristian!

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  4. What a beautiful photo shoot, especially with the sun coming up :). It's crazy to think that Wyoming barely hits half a million, when Honolulu (where I live) alone is almost 400,000.

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  5. Such a lovely blog!<3
    I'm following you and i'd be glad if you'll do the same!
    Have a great day!xoxo

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  6. Great photos - love the location!

    xo Jennifer


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  7. I completely agree with you on the benefits of blogging locally. I absolutely love the breath of fresh air from bloggers who aren't located in bigger cities-- especially ones who like to explore their own states and post photos in interesting areas. It's like I get to travel vicariously through blogs :)

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  8. Cute top! I love how you tucked it in and wore a belt!


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  9. Wonderful post and beautiful pictures!

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  10. I read that article, too! So interesting.

    Love your cute top!!

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  11. Wow.... these photos are absolutely beautiful! Love the lighting and colors on these pictures and how you paired denim with this lovely blouse! 100% agree with you about the local blogging!

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  12. love that adorable blouse!


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  13. that wide open space is beautiful! I've always wanted to visit Wyoming or the surrounding areas just for the landscapes. You look adorable in that pretty sheet top. Read that article too but unfort. thought "if only I had the time" for most, & certainly $ for many. Oh well, some was def helpful.

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