What I Wore: To The Corn Maze

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

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What I Wore: Green Shirt (Quest Haven Fashions), Mustard Sweater (Forever 21), necklace (American Eagle), Jeans (GAP), Moccasins (Minnetonka via Famous Footwear), Ring (borrowed)

Going to the Corn Maze is on the way to becoming a Fall Tradition with us. I love mazes anyway, but ones big enough to go into? (Don't worry, if you get lost, just turn call on your cell phone. No, I'm serious, that's the instructions!). The entire place is rather more like a tiny harvest festival. There are all sorts of games to play, kettle corn to eat, and rows and rows of pumpkins. Aren't they crazy colors? 

Speaking of things both crazy and cool- you need to check out Flock Together. Its a community of bloggers that love to swap clothes. On the blog you'll see their remixes, as well as DIYs, and looks into their everyday lives. As you've probably guessed, I'm one of these bloggers; don't worry, everyone else is really cool. This week and next are introductory posts, so if you haven't stopped by Flock Together yet, head on over to "meet" some nifty ladies! 

P.S. Think being part of Flock Together sounds cool? We're looking for more bloggers! Contact Jessica of Midwest Muse or Elana of Room 334 for more details.


  1. soooo pretty !! beautiful pics ♥♥♥♥♥

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  2. that's mama's ring!-Danyon

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  3. brilliant!! love this post, wonderful photos!

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  4. oh, I need to go to a corn maze soon. I haven't been to one in YEARS!

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  5. Gorgeous photos, lady! I've always wanted to go to a corn maze...but never have. I really need to look up some places around where I live! You look so adorable. I love this blouse for such an event as this-very festive! The blend of colors is gorgeous too- and YAY for Flock Together!! :D

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  6. You look so pretty in these photos!
    I love the idea of a corn maze, it seems like the perfect autumn activity.

    p.s. Loved your turban tutorial, I always wondered how people do that.

    le fresne x

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  7. I need to visit a corn maze after seeing your pictures! You're wearing the perfect outfit for a trip like that. :)

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  8. Eee, seriously such beautiful photos! Fall, fall, fall <3

    And to answer your question from the other day-- I am not in Kent England! I am actually in Kent, OH which is close to the Akron/Cleveland area. It's actually right by where Jessica of Midwest Muse lives!

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  9. This outfit is PERFECt for the corn maze, I especially love the green secretary blouse! I need to find some fall fun activities soon too! Also, I am SO glad you can relate tot he crazy weather... everyone is like what? snow? You're crazy! Not that I wish bad weather upon you, I am just happy I have another blogger to commiserate with!
    Hope you're having a wonderful day!
    xo Hannah

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