What I Wore: A Locket Around My Neck

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Striped Skirt Striped Skirt Striped Skirt Striped Skirt

What I Wore: Shirt (ModBod), Locket (Gift), Skirt ( ASOS via Threadflip and Krystal Bick)

This striped skirt is something else that, like my checked shirt, has been on my To-Get list for awhile now. There is just something about stripes I love so much! Simply irresistible. 

Everyone else must feel the same way too, because this skirt was sold out, and my heart broken. However, I kept an eye out, and snagged this one on Threadflip when looking at Krystal Bick's (of This Time Tomorrow) "closet" there. Have you ever tried one of these sites to shop so-and-so's closet? If so, did you like it? Would you buy clothes from other bloggers' "personal" closets, or try to sell some yourself?

The skirt's not the only special item I was wearing this day though. I've actually been meaning to show you this locket for a few weeks, because it has the sweetest story. 

This locket originally  belonged toThe Boy's mother, and she was the one to put in the photo of the little boy. That's right; that's The Boy up there, all of one year old! As she explained it to me, "I thought I'd have two kids and put their pictures right inside!" Buuuut then she lost the locket and by the time she found it again, she had four kids. Too many for a locket, I guess, but she decided she'd keep it and save it for when The Boy found A Special Someone. Well, you all know About A Boy, and how we met and fell in love. So his mom conspired with my mom, and got a photo of me as a kid too (I'm five in that photo). Now- for the photos it holds, the story behind it, and the effort both our mom's put into it- it's become a favorite piece to wear! 


  1. oh, that's a wonderful locket and story, so sweet! love, love the outfit and photos, strips, fishnets, red shoes, nice!!!

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  2. I love this skirt. It's super beautiful.

    I always look at bloggers closets, but in my experience, they always seem super over priced. You scored big time here though.

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    1. Yeah, I've noticed on this Threadflip site that a lot of the clothes are just as- if not more- expensive than when they were on sale in stores. Double checking, Krystal priced this skirt as lower than ASOS originally priced it, and since it was something I'd been looking for, I didn't mind paying more than I might normally have for a used item. It is interesting though to see the differences in pricing among all the different bloggers who are on such sites. Some very reasonable, some not, and a huge range in between!

  3. Yay for crossing things off your To-Get list- it's such a fun feeling! And I've never shopped other blogger's closets, but I like the idea. And how great that at first your skirt sold out but you tracked it down in the blogger's closet. It was clearly meant to be :)

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  4. Ah!! That skirt is perfect!



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  5. That skirt looks so versatile -to use a fashion word. It looks like it would be great for summer and sandles and for wearing with stompy boots in the winter. And for a steampunk costume! If you're into that. :)

    The story about your locket is beautiful. I have a necklace has a pocket watch that belong to my great grandma and it is so nice to have something with some history to it. Perhaps you'll pass the locket onto your kids!

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  6. That story is so sweet! That skirt is gorgeous as well!

    xoxo Sarah Beth

    Caring Cowls

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  7. Such a pretty skirt and love the story behind the locket!

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  9. You weren't kidding. That is a super sweet story! I love it :)

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  10. Um, I love this!!! You should put it up for swaps ;) I've browsed similar sites but yet to buy anything. I totally should tho! You look great! I love the rights and shoes with this and of course the delicate locket.

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  11. I've never used threadflip but have bought from a bloggers closet once, but actually it was mostly because she's a Phx blogger too and I could meet up for the $5 loafers over my lunch hr. but anyway that is besides the point geeze louise i'm the worst w/ comment tangets! Now, you look adorable in this outfit, that skirt is PERFECTION on you, you look fantastic in long skirts w/ your slender figure. and mostly, that is so so sweet about the locket! are you 4 yrs older than the boy in real life too? glad you linked back to that old post : )

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    1. Ha! It's funny you should ask about age. No, I'm actually eight years younger than he is. The reason I'm five in the photo (or so my mom said when asked) was it was the youngest photo she had of me where the photo was the right size. She didn't want to cut any up! I think- since my dad is a photographer- we didn't get photos taken by "studio" photographers who sell the photos in various sizes like school photographers do, so all the baby photos are regular sized.

      Besides, I was bald till I was like 2 1/2. Probably best to use the ones with hair!

  12. I would totally buy clothes from another blogger, especially if it's something I never had the chance to buy myself. I love this striped skirt on you and those fishnets are super sexy :)



    Southern (California) Belle

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  13. that skirt is amazing! I'm tempted to try one of those closet sites!

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  14. that skirt is lovely!
    i love stripes and you wear it so well:)
    much love from New York

    City Laundry
    Twitter | Instagram

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  15. love your shoes and skirt! ♥
    great blog!
    I follow you, follow me back if you want, dear ♥

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  16. This is the sweetest story, thanks so much for sharing! I love items that have some sort of meaning behind them, it makes it even more special to wear. And this skirt is just fantastic!

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  17. Your hair is so cute like that! And that outfit really compliments your features! :)

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  18. i have sold some things (more given away - they paid for shipping, i sent it to them for free in exchange to post about it on their blog) and it worked out well. i usually just give to goodwill so will probably be doing that kind of thing from now on. and i LOVE the skirt - seems to have turned out well that you found it on her shop the closet thing! it looks amazing on you

    <3 katherine
    of corgis and cocktails // shabby apple gift card giveaway!

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