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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Getting mail is a ton of fun, but in an increasingly digital world, writing it can sometimes be hard. This blog post series about Letter Writing aims to make it easier. 

With Valentine's Day around the corner, writing a love letter might seem very apropo. Actually though, these are a type of correspondence that can (and should!) be written no matter the date on the calendar. Sure, you might be thinking, "Oh, but Kristian, the guy/girl in question sleeps right next me to every night!" That might be true (or it might not be) and regardless of what your situation might be, you probably tell your significant other plenty how much you love him (or her). But letter writing- especially love letters- take you out of the everyday moment and onto something more permanent. People keep love letters- days, weeks, even years, they are something you have made and touched that the recipient can take out again and again, if they want.

There's no right or wrong way to write a love letter- a post-it on their computer screen? A whole series of envelopes? Or   A message in a bottle?

But, if you are wanting to put pen to paper and tell a loved one how you feel in a more traditional way, here's some helpful hints:

  • Handwrite it, even if your handwriting is not so good. Just take your time. The personal touch is best. Also, use nice paper. 
  • Jump right in! Tell them straight off you are writing to say how much you love them.
  • Unlike personal correspondence, this isn't about what's happening in day to day life. Nor is it about you. It is about the person getting the letter. What are some traits that they maybe don't recognize about themselves that are wonderful? What little things does this person do that you appreciate (they don't need to be big. For example, The Boy always offers to put tea on for me- in the mornings, before bed, if we're going to watch a film or if he knows I'm not feeling well. I love tea; he knows this. It's small but very meaningful.)?
  • You and this person share personal history unique for just you two. Share a memory you have with them. What did you first notice about the person? What are some big First Times in your lives together? For example, how did it feel to buy a house together, or have a child together? Did a first kiss send butterflies to your stomach? What things have made you joyful, and what times have you drawn strength from this person? Or what about shared jokes? 
  • It doesn't need to be a novel (though I suppose it could be if  you wanted...). It doesn't need to be Shakespeare either (and really let's steer clear of excessive quotations or any attempts at poetry if it is not normal for you to write poetry) It just needs your honest emotions. Like the cliche says, be yourself. 
  • Maybe a flirty P.S. would not be out of place? It could even be little risque... who says that's a bad thing for a love letter? 

If you want more advice on writing Love Letters look here: 


  1. Such a sweet post! I completely agree. I write love letters to my hubs all the time.


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  2. Include a few comments about your future together, what you're looking forward to, things you want to do together, dreams you want to fulfill together, and so on.

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  3. How did I not notice this one before? Have to come back to it! :)

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    1. Have a feeling someone is in for a fun surprise form you <3


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