Popbasic Box Review

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A few months ago, waaaay back in October, I won a giveaway from the blog Little Chief Honeybee for a free parcel from Popbasic, brand-new parcel-package-sending company that sends basic and trend items to women all over the world. In the package Popbasic sends you a micro-collection, which will cost between $50.00 and $100.00 each. But what is a micro-collection? It is a set of three items; as I understand it, usually one basic clothing item and two accessories that are trend items. New micro-collections will come out approximately every month. This is not a subscription service where you can sign up for several months at a time. You must sign up for each micro-collection monthly, however this means you are not locked into getting collections you do not like or whose items would be redundant in your wardrobe. You cannot purchase the items individually at this time, nor are there refunds. Both of these are because only limited amounts of the micro-collections are made.

Their first micro-collection is a great example of what they mean by basic items and trend items. They sent me a silk, polka-dot blouse; and two chunky, brightly colored necklaces. All items are of high quality, and the shirt was a good fit- if more boyish and relaxed than tailored. I've already worn the blouse three different ways in the span of seven days, (see one way here)! As for the necklaces- truthfully, if I hadn't won a free box, the necklaces might have kept me from buying this first micro-collection. They are not really my style. However, I have worn them each with different outfits since I got them, and now feel they are a nice compromise between the very on-trend bubble-necklaces, with their bright colors and large size, and a more timeless look . In essence, this first collection was doing exactly what the company intended- it was giving me classic staples while allowing me to try a trend. Something I didn't realize till I got my box was that Popbasic also sends along a small, surprise, beauty item. This month's was some oil tissue paper to soak up greasy spots on your skin.

In receiving this box, I also felt the company exhibited a very like-able element. They have great personality, and personal interaction. The co-founder Madeline Veenstra runs all their social marketing, email and customer care personally. There's a strong community feeling to it. They even send along "style guides," designed by bloggers and other consumers, to help you get ideas.

So, would I pay for this service myself? The answer is- maybe. Not for any bad reasons! The quality of the items, the taste evident in the micro collection, and the exemplary service cannot be doubted! I also love the concept of brining quality, basic items to people. There are three factors that would probably influence my decision to buy another micro-collection. I've been attempting to shop smarter and more consciously,  and that means trying to get more items like these into my closet in place of  cheap, trendy ones. Surprisingly, a lot of basic classics are really hard to find (tracking down a blue check shirt took months, and I've yet to find the perfect chunky, white sweater), but basic items are, well, basic. Occasionally, items they have in the collection might be something you already own (for example, I've seen sneak-peeks of a few micro-collections on Popbasic's social media, and already have a green maxi skirt like the ones they show). My second consideration would be the "trend items." I mentioned above, that the necklaces were not my style. Having two similar items I was unsure about would make it harder to buy an entire micro-collection. However, I've already noticed future micro-collections have more variety; three different items (even if I'm not so sure about one) would definitely make me more likely to buy! The last consideration is the one you're probably thinking of now- price. Fifty to one hundred dollars isn't exactly cheap, but- if these are truly closet staples, they are timeless. It is worth it to get quality that will last you.

Basically (pun intended), yes, I definitely will be buying another micro-collection. Maybe not every one, but some of them, as the items I want to build my wardrobe make their debutes in the micro-collections. And that is, after all, how the company wants you to use their services. Have you bought a micro-collection from Popbasic? Did you love it as much as I did?  Would you buy any of their upcoming micro-collections from them? Share your thoughts and opinions here!

Disclaimer: I won this box through a contest; the Popbasic company did not give it or any other compensation to me in exchange for this review. All thoughts and opinions expressed in it are my own. 


  1. What a cool concept! I'm pretty much willing to try anything, so this sounds like a great idea to me :)

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    1. Let me know what you think if you do try it; it's fun!

  2. That sounds like an awesome idea and I wouldn't return any of those items! They're all adorable :) how fun that you got to try them out for free.

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    1. I know there are some great parcel-package shopping/renting companies out there where you can try or even just get loaned items, but with Popbasic you do buy them for good.

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  4. What cool idea! I've never heard of popbasic before. I can imagine that for some women it would be a huge time saver as they don't have time to follow the trends (I think of my sisters with their busy schedules and chasing around their kids). I would definitely consider trying it! Great review!


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