Bridal Shower Invitation

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Guess what I'll be attending this weekend?!

That's right: bridal shower! All this getting married business just got a whole lot realer, actual events are happening now. My sister and Maid of Honor is hosting it. Danyon's a graphic designer, so I just had to share the sweet invitations she made (My grandmother let me borrow her invitation. Everyone is being rather hush-hush about the thing otherwise).

She used some blank cards that had serendipitously been purchased and then made the insert, including even writing the poem herself (obviously the contact info was blurred out; it doesn't really look that way). The Alice in Wonderland theme is an especially thoughtful touch. I've been a huge Alice fan since playing the part of Alice in a children's theatre production years ago (Fun trivia moment: my sister and I did children's theatre. She was the Duchess's Cook in this production.)

Can't wait to share some photos of party with you next week too. Have a lovely Wednesday.


  1. The invitations are adorable and an Alice themed tea party sounds perfect! I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time, can't wait to see pictures! :)

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  2. beautiful! I love the idea of a tea party. I can't wait to see how it turns out - wonderful I'm sure

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  3. I just love this idea. The poem is adorable. Can't wait to see photos of the event : )


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  4. yaaay peaks into your wedding! i've been semi-dying to see the details :) and this is SO adorable, i especially love the poem. it's so fairy tale like and vintage. i hope you have a wonderful time at the shower and get spoiled properly :D

    xo Marlen
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  5. Taht is ADORABLE! I love the theme - and that the invite was written like a poem!! Take lots of photos - I can't wat to see.

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  6. I love those invites!! So pretty and vintage-esque :)

    -Emma from little motley

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  7. Alice themed shower?! So amazing and happy for you :) I saw your post about the diabetes. You seem like a strong woman and know you can make these minor changes to be on the life long road to healthy.

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  8. An Alice in wonderland shower sounds magical! Take lots of pictures :)

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  9. Have a wonderful day at your bridal shower Kristian! I can only imagine how beautiful it's going to be. Can't wait to see pictures!



    Southern (California) Belle

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