What I Wore: A Gift

Thursday, April 11, 2013


What I Wore: Shirt and Tights (Target), Blazer and Necklace (gift), Shorts (GAP),  Shoes (Old Navy), Purse (Vintage; garage sale)

I'm sure this has happened to you: Someone buys you a gift (and who doesn't like gifts?). "It's so you," they exclaim. You look at it and think....me? It gets worn a time or two- preferably when your thoughtful friend who sees something you don't is present- and then lives in the back of your closet. It comes out every now and then...

Me? You think. Not quite.

Me? No. Still, there's something....

And it all comes together. Maybe you've changed. Maybe the other items in your wardrobe have. Maybe the times have, but all the sudden, you don't want to wear anything else.


That's this blazer. Took me a bit, but it is looking pretty fine now, right?


  1. Oh yeah, the blazer is amazing on you! Somebody did a great job - the color is fantastic. Loooove your tights too!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

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  2. I love the look and the colours.


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    1. Susan,

      I was trying to comment on your blog earlier and having such issues. However, there were issues with it publishing. But I just wanted to say, I'm happy you are still blogging and blogging about fashion, though I'm excited to see what else you are adding into your blog.

      PS the Zebera sweate DIY is cute!

  3. ooh--I want those tights!! so fun.

    -Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com

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  4. This blazer is so absolutely pretty, and I love your tights, too!

    Have a good day,

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  5. That blazer looks so great on you! Also, those tights are pretty rockin'. However, I have to say that my favorite part of your outfit has to be that purse - too cute!


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    1. Thank you!

      I've been taking this purse everywhere; I'm in love! and I found it at a garage sale!

  6. That's a great blazer-- I'd want to wear it all the time too!

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  7. oooh that blazer is great! you look so pretty in the bright red & i'd def think you when I saw it. glad you could find a way to look "you" in it : )

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  8. Hattitude Style Blog

    vavoooom! i love this outfit kristian! the tights are SO awesome sauce. I love the back ground for the shoot too. so interesting.

    talk soon wild child
    Hattitude Style Blog

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    1. Train cabooses are always fun and strangely enough we have fairly easy access to several, which make it fun.

  9. I've definitely been there, isn't that worst? I'm glad you found a way to wear this blazer though, it's such a great piece! I can actually totally see how your friend would think it's "you." Also, these tights are the best!!

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    1. I'm glad I did too, and once it was right, I felt the blazer was me :)

  10. love the blazer on you. =)
    Also love your background! =)

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  11. THAT BLAZER! So cute!


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  12. I love your outfit. Those tights are amazing.

    I would love for you to stop by my blog and enter my latest giveaway. I will be picking 3 winners.

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  13. That blazer is pretty awesome. I'm in love with the purse though!

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    1. Thanks! i've been taking this purse everywhere; I'm in love. Best part was it was a garage sale find.

  14. I definitely do love this blazer. The sleeves are its crowning glory and it is such a fabulous hue! Plus, I adore your bag. Seriously. :)

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  15. The colour of that blazer is fantastic!! And those bow tights..darling! xo

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  16. These are such great pictures. Those bow tights are lovely and I love the bag!
    Good thing your friends thought the blazer was so you because it looks amazing!


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  17. This blazer is totally cute! I think you did the right thing by letting it out :). Those bow tights are the cutest and I love how you shot these pics with a caboose as a prop!



    Southern (California) Belle

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  18. Those tights are super cute! I love that fire engine red blazer! It steals the show! :D

    - Anna


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  19. I love these tights so much!

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  20. I love that blazer. I'm glad you were able to work it - it's great on you! And I have these tights too :D

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  21. love your tights, I'm searching for printed tights but simply can't find them anywhere :( Also, the location is so great! :)

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  22. Your tights are so cute Kristian! The blazer is really lovely too, I'm glad to read you found a way to style it! I sometimes buy something that I only truly love wearing after a while. x

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  23. Nice gin. It is fit with you perfectly.

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  24. The blazer is gorgeous! I do know what you mean about someone saying something is "so you" when it's totally not.
    I really love this whole outfit. The shorts and tights are perfect together and that's a beautiful bag!

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  25. 1. Thank you for visiting my blog! Much obliged. :)

    2. I love the name of your blog.

    3. Those tights are to die for! So stinkin cute and the perfect way to take an outfit to the next level.



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