What I Wore: In a Different Kind of Hell

Tuesday, April 9, 2013


What I Wore: Tank Top (H&M), Grey Sweater (Wet Seal), Skirt (Leah of We Live Upstairs via Flock Together), Shoes (Old Navy), Envelope Necklace (H&M), Locket (Famly Heirloom; Gift), Necklace (Stitched + Adorned)

Bet I fooled you all with this post's title, but this is not going to be an angry, ranting piece! Seems some days that every other thing in Wyoming is named after Hell or the Devil (what a nice place to live, you must be thinking, but, hey, it isn't half bad, especially if you actually think Hell is Other People). We got your Devil Towers and your Devil's Toenails; your Hell's Half-Acres; and this- Coulter's Hell, also known as Yellowstone! That's right, the general area (which includes but is not limited to present day Yellowstone) was nicknamed Coulter's Hell after all the fantastic stories the explore brought back of steaming ground, bubbling earth and hot, sulfuric smelling geysers and rivers. This little in-town trail gives you only a small taste of all that though, walking you through some pairie land filled with signs that point out local sites. It made for quite the lovely walk to go on before church one grey Sunday morning though. 

Behind you can see Old Trail Town. Old Trail Town is a bit of a local site; it's a bunch of abandoned buildings that form a "museum." It's a bit maudlin; there's several gravestones, a few rotting, musty interiors and a lot of strange taxidermy  such as a two-headed calf and a six-legged cat. But buildings like these are common all over Wyoming and many are still used on ranches. 

As for my outfit- the skirt is a gorgeous blush color and it's on loan from Leah of We Live Upstairs. The sweater is one of my favorites- slouchy and warm, but it is really the necklaces that make this outfit so special. You've already seen this locket that was a gift from my soon-to-be mother-in-law, and the envelope shaped one is where Amos hid my ring for his proposal!


  1. I love this blush color on you! And can I teleport myself to this place for pictures as well? I love the backstory behind why they named it Coulter's Hell. Not sure if I'd want to explore that area at night though with all the taxidermy. :P

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  2. What an intriguing place and history for that matter. It actually looks/sounds a bit creepy but perfectly beautiful at the same time. I love how effortlessly pretty your outfit looks!

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  3. oh my got i love this post, i saw it as a preview and even These Little thumbnails made me spechless,
    the locastion is so adorable, so "wild west "-like, i feel the Spirit
    and wow i am so overwhelemed, this one is amazing!
    your Outfit is cool by the way too!

    I adore your blog, keep on doing this wonderful thing you do here.
    I had to follow you, you have a new fan now <3
    Hope you may visit my blog,too
    Your Amely Rose from:

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  4. I wish I lived around there, well...sometimes :) I love how rustic all of you posts are. Something I really envy. You would think in Kansas I would have a lot of sites around here, but I think I live too close to the "big" city. Great post! I love the necklace combo!

    The Nautical Owl
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  5. This is such a stunning location for photos. Loving the outfit especially the skirt.

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  6. I figured it would be a place just because I know out there they are named like that - you are so right! It's so funny. This is such a cool little place- you've been really finding awesome locations laltely. You fit so well in the setting too, the colors you are wearing just look right with the darn brown old town background. I love it.

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  7. Such a great location for photos!! That's so funny that there's so many places named after hell/devil, it's interesting! And I love this outfit, such a perfect combination, you look undeniably comfortable and very stylin'.

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  8. The scenery here is stunning-I visited Wyoming once (just the edge around the SD border) and it really was gorgeous. Loving that blush skirt and how you styled it! The pretty jewelry adds such a great touch and you look cozy and wonderful in that sweater.

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  9. It looks beautiful out there!


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  10. ha ha you reeled me in with the title!

    Seems like an interesting place to visit.


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  11. Love the scenery, its gorgeous and goes great with the soft mauve of the skirt!

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  12. Such a funny story behind the name-- it looks like such a beautiful place! I love your outfit. That skirt is such a lovely color. And the stories behind those necklaces are so sweet!

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  13. Love how you styled Leah's skirt! I think Wyoming is truly beautiful. I've only been once as a child, but I'm always excited to see your outfit posts and the gorgeous back drops you live around!



    Southern (California) Belle

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  14. What an interesting place to visit!

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  15. The slouchy top is so perfect. This is a chic and casual ensemble! Love the layered necklaces, as well! <3

    - Anna


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  16. Oh my goodness, the venue on your pics co beautiful.
    Hopefully when I'm getting married in similar place like that.

    kisses from indonesia,


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  17. wow--what a neat place!! and i absolutely love lockets :)

    -Emma from littlemotley.blogspot.com

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  18. These photos are so beautiful. But that's nothing new!

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  19. What a gorgeous landscape! It looks like a neat little place full of history. The skirt is very pretty and I love that envelope necklace! So cute of your fiance :)

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  20. This outfit is so elegant and sophisticated and gorgeous - I love everything about it. Gray and that color of blush pink go so well together, and I love the slouchy sweater with the feminine skirt.

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  21. I love the background! Never see stuff like that in California.

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  22. I remember your engagement post but must've missed the part about the boy putting your ring in the envelope necklace, such a cute idea & now you have another reminder of the special moment. funny all the places named after hell but makes sense when you explained why. anyway I LOOOVE this landscape. i know i live in the southwest and all but this really reminds me of that "wild west" from the movies. also love your simple pairing w/ the pretty skirt & cozy sweater! sending you best wishes right now again w/ what you posted.

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    1. oh and this reminded me before i think you commented surprised that things were to green in my pics... well they sure shouldn't be! when i go hiking which would only be about a 10 min drive it's all desert but around here ppl are obsessed w/ watering the crap out of lawns. so so wasteful since we never get any rain. but our yard is in an old neighborhood that has irrigation flooding once a month so i'm happy our yard is so lush and reusing water : )

  23. You have such amazing landscapes for you outfit post. I am in love with your pleated skirt and the layered necklaces look great!


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  24. Love that pale pink skirt.... the title did fool me! Ha! Very beautiful landscape indeed. Love your bloggy woggy! So excited that I found it.
    nothing but a pigeon

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  25. Love that skirt! It's sooo cute! The setting is also really nice, perfect match to the look!

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