Bespoke Post and the Box of Awesome Subscription Review

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Bespoke Post and the Box of Awesome is a subscription service for men designed to bring to their subscribers the very best of things. I've talked about Bespoke Post here, but basically, each month/box has a different theme. You get an email saying what the theme is and what is inside the box. You can then choose to opt out at no charge, or do nothing and receive the box. I love this concept for so many reasons- bespoke products, different themes, knowing what you will get (I like surprises but was underwhelmed with another subscription box company Quarter Co. and their surprises), and the easy option to opt out. Subscriptions can be bought in 1 month, 3 month, 6 month or yearly subscriptions; the longer you subscribe the cheaper each box is per month. Since my boyfriend was interested in subscription boxes after the researchI shared for the blog, guess what he got for Christmas? Yup. And like it says on the tin, it's been awesome!

This is actually the second subscription box we've gotten from Bespoke Post and The Box of Awesome (The Boy also chose to get their March Travel themed box, which came with a weekender big and travel planner stuff). We liked it well enough, but this box seemed to have hit it out of the park.

The April box was all about the 'Cue- Barbecue that is! The Boy grills pretty much all year around (in the garage in the winter), so it was a pretty good fit. With all the diabetes stuff that happened, we sadly haven't gotten to try these out (therefore, mind you, we aren't vouching for taste), but you can bet that will be remedied this weekend!

This is what was in the box:

  • Hickory, Cedar & Alder Grill Planks from   Outdoor Gourmet . Amos loves cooking on grill planks, but we never knew different woods could make a different taste! This might be our favorite item(s). 
  • Wynad Single-Estate Peppercorn from   Parameswaran by Salt Traders . An ethical/fair trade company, the pepper comes from a family farm in India. 
  • Gourmet Classic Scooping Ketchup from   Sir Kensington’s  Heintz has always done me pretty well, but hey- it is healther and has the best logo! 
  • Summer Southern Honey from  TruBee Honey . The Honey is  harvested from "free range bees." Yeah, we have beekeepers all around the area, so I know for a fact that "not free range" bees are not any different than free range bees. Instead, I think they want to highlight that the honey is from different types of flowers. But hey- honey. What's not to like? 
  • Jalapeño & Blue Corn Chips from    Food Should Taste Good, Their company name says it all.
  • Chipotle & Honey Rub, Moroccan Harissa Rub, Chimichurri Seasoning, Whole Spice . Oh man, these smell good! excited to try these rubs out.
  • Whole Grain Artisan Mustard from   Tin Mustard - I don't like mustards so would never eat it out of the jar with a spoon, but that's what they advertise you'll want to do after trying this. We shall see. 

We will have to wait until we've taste-tested it all, but I felt that for the price we got a lot of bang for our buck. I loved that they were all from small businesses from either America or from fair trade/ethical sources. In addition to the box, each month they make one or articles relating to how to better use the box of the month. For example, this month had some barbecue reciepes. For a box themed around shaving there were shaving tips. They that fine line between helpful and annoying very well, giving subscribers quality information but not spamming.

Personally, I'm excited to see what Amos' third (I got a three month/box subscription) box pick will be!  Have you subscribed to Bespoke Post? Love it, hate it, indifferent? Tell all in the comments below! 

P.S. Looking for other subscription box options? Here are some of my top picks here and here!


  1. Wow, what a neat concept! Getting packages is always a fun thing. I love that he got it for you as a gift-it's like the gift that keeps on giving (for a few months!).
    Also, all of that looks delicious and amazing. I love jalapeno chips!

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    1. Well, I actually got it for him (the Bespoke Pot is aimed at men). This is a box that just also benefits me since it is food related!

  2. I have never subscribed to any kind of box, but this is suchhh a good birthday gift idea! This one looks so yummy and I love all of the pretty packaging too!

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  3. I love etnic products!
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  4. Those chips from food should taste good are really yummy! I've totally bought them before! This looks like an awesome supscription box!

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    1. Amos will be excited to hear that, especially since chips are generally a no-go for me know. They sound fantastic!


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