In May, Why Don't You...

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Vitamin F: Gratitude

photo credit: Flower Factor via photopin cc

  • Rent Casablanca
  • Pick flowers and put them in a vase by your bed
  • Share a Mother-Daughter day 
  • Line your lingerie drawer 
  • Get a pedicure so your toes are sandal ready
  • Go star-gazing to learn a new constellation
  • Teach your dog a new trick
  • Borrow an audio book from the library to keep you company on the road
  • Go to a health fair
  • Wear some perfume to get the day off to a decadent start!


  1. I just ligned out every drawer in my closet and I also tried to learn my dog a new "trick", namely be a good pet model and sit still while I try to snap photos of her, haha :) Have a great May Kristian! x

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    1. I'm impressed. Lining the drawers is on my to-do list but with the wedding, I'm beginning to think it won't happen till July!

      I want to see the photos of your puppy...don't think I've seen them on Ginger Diaries, or did I miss a post?

  2. Great ideas! Don't have to rent Casablanca. It lives in our home library. My mother gave it to me - such a great film. :-)

    Disclosure: I've never has a professional pedicure. Or a manicure - not even for my wedding. Sad, huh? I think a home pedicure may be in order soon, though.

    Hope your day is lovely! <3

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    1. A home pedicure is definitely in order!

      Casablanca is my favorite film. It is great!

  3. Those flowers are so lovely! Thanks for sharing! Xo, M&K at

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  4. Love it! Great plans :)

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  5. I'll happily welcome doing all of these things! Great little post to give me some inspiration.

    Though I don't have a dog - perhaps my cats will do :-)

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    1. Cats and tricks would be fun too. I've a friend who is trying to train her cats to harnesses (they are moving from a place wit a yard to no outdoor venue and she's wants to be able to walk them so they get some outdoors air).


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